Washing up washing up washing up…

Thu 8 Sep 16 | Mummy Stuff | 0 comments

Washing up. Always bloody washing up. How is there always so much? We’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher yet I still reckon I stand at the sink a good hour or two a day washing plastic bowls, plates, bottles, saucepans, chopping boards blahhhh. Does my head in.

Quite often I wonder whether I should just let it pile up and spend more time playing with my little people. Or just sod it and stick absolutely everything in the dishwasher. Wow this is quite a boring blog so far – but I genuinely just felt like I’d spend all morning with soapy hands and a 3 year old incessantly asking “Mummy can you play with me?” How do you get that delicate balance between chores and play? I think M needs to learn that grown-ups have jobs to do, but sometimes the day shoots past and I realise I’ve done far less fun stuff with the children and far more boring life admin.

Someone once said to me – “Would you wish you’d spent more time at work on your death bed, or spent more time with your kids?” A no-brainer. If a morbid one! So, a little note to self that while M & P are so little I should try and ditch the Marigolds a bit more…


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