‘Tis the season to be frugal. Fa la la la laaa, la la la la.

Tue 27 Dec 16 | Lifestylish | 9 comments

Hello sales season! I love a bargain – I think most of us do. It’s such a British trait to proudly advertise that our new top ( *blush* thank you for the compliment) was half price – yes half price! – rather than brag about how much it cost from a designer store. If something’s expensive, we generally keep it low key, or even sound slightly embarrassed by it. I love us Brits.

(Slightly off tangent, but how many times did you hear this as you exchanged gifts?!)


Thanks to You Have To Laugh, where I’m about to become a Smile Squad member, whoop!

I’m not actually a very good sales shopper. The messy shelves and elbows-out brigade put me right off. I prefer a good eBay or charity shop find, or a hefty discount in a nicely laid-out, calm shop either in cyberspace, or on the High Street.

According to this festive spending survey commissioned by My Voucher Codes, 42% of people have admitted to tightening their stocking strings this Christmas too.

Perhaps surprising for the season where people normally splash out, but we tick that box for sure. I’m on unpaid maternity leave at the moment, and with two small people to house, feed and clothe, a coffee and craft beer habit to maintain, we’re looking after our pennies. And I think we’re pretty frugal with certain things anyway. I mean, how much can an 8 month old baby really appreciate?! (read also: Does baby REALLY need that? Here’s what not to get for a new human…)

Some of the ways we cut back:

  • M’s cool new bike is actually second-hand – you’d never know as it’s in such lovely condition. I congratulated myself for not forking out on a brand new one when on its first outing round the block, he screamed at us to get him off and begged to go back inside to play with his Lego…
  • We agreed not to buy for our siblings, just for nieces and nephews. What do we grown-ups really need anyway? (hmm, I can always think of things, but you know – it’s all about the kids, blah blah, *sob*).
  • Tesco were doing 3 for 2 on toys and had a fab selection. Little P and some baby pals have benefitted from this particular offer 🙂
  • Instead of a material present, Mr MM and I decided to try and treat ourselves to a night away somewhere in January that we’ve yet to book – so hopefully we’ll find a bargain. We were also gifted an ‘experience’ from Debenhams, one of which includes afternoon tea at a hotel or a walk and pub dinner, so we could tie it in. Winning and saving!

And seriously – you’d never know from this amazing sight on Christmas morning that we’d saved money this year, would you?


Spot the bike, anyone?

This post was written in collaboration with My Voucher Codes.

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  1. Taylor_MadeBlogs

    Glad someone else is maintaining a craft beer & coffee habit on a parents budget! Our daughter got some lovely second hand toys from her Nonna for Christmas it is all about the nearly new sales ?

    • kimberly

      Theyre amazing aren’t they? Imagine the same stuff will be good at the next one post Xmas!

      • Taylor_MadeBlogs

        Yeah good thinking, my wife had a budget of £100 last time and came back with several things and only spent about £30!

  2. min1980

    I think I am definitely guilty of being a British person when giving gifts, as are many others from whom I have received them! Funnily enough last year Piglet’s favourite Christmas toy was one that I picked up for £3 in a charity shop just after Christmas was over. Thanks for linking with #SchoolsOut

  3. Hayley@MissionMindfulness

    Great ideas here – we’ve started to do experiential gifts for each other more too (hubby and I) – I really don’t need more STUFF in my life! I remember getting a secondhand BMX bike one Birthday and I bloody loved it so secondhand is a great way to go too! #schoolsout

  4. alifeinpracticeblog.com

    Great ideas! We saved by starting early, anything I thought little man would like that wasn’t a fad (they change waaaaay too quickly!) I picked up as the year went by. I ended up still spending more than the budget I’d set, but only because we found ourselves with more than we’d expected spare so decided to treat ourselves! (read: treat the kids… only the kids… somehow) haha xx #schoolsout

  5. mummyhereandthere

    Ooo do love a good bargain and some great ideas to save money. x #schoolsout

  6. Family Makes

    I’ve bought second hand toys for the last few years, and mixed them in with the new ones. They are often more appreciated as they can be played with immediately, without all the fiddly packaging! Hubby and I bought each other very little this year in order to cut costs too, and we’ve done the same as you with nephews and nieces. #TheList

    • kimberly

      I ain’t no gangsta’, but it’s so important to ‘keep it real’ isn’t it?! Thanks for reading x


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