Things I shouldn’t find satisfying…

Thu 8 Dec 16 | Just for Fun, Lifestylish | 12 comments

Things I shouldn’t find satisfying – and probably shouldn’t be admitting – but I do.

Note: Some bullet points may cause gross-out.

  • Catching that bogey on the out-sniff (the baby’s I mean of course!). Come on, we’ve all been there. #fistpumpmoment.
  • Cleaning out ear wax with a cotton bud. And getting a huge lump out. (OK label, but if you’re not supposed to insert them into the ear canal, what exactly are you supposed to do with cotton buds?!)
  • A parent and baby space to park in. Need I say more?
  • A one wiper nappy poo. Only achieved with a good combo of wiping with the nappy itself and a technically skilful wet-wiping motion. Has to be the right kind of poo._mg_6381
  • A no wiper three year old poo, or ‘ghost-poo’. This is very rare and you know you’re going to have a good day if this occurs. Buy a lottery ticket._mg_6249
  • A restocked change bag by surprise. Either a thoughtful partner or a rare moment of organisation you’ve forgotten about when you go to grab the bag assuming it’s empty or has dirty nappies/bottles in.
  • A well timed nap. Nothing more satisfying than putting them down, walking away and not seeing the monitor flash for at least 45 minutes.
  • A non parenty one: Cleaning out the dishwasher filter. Freeing the trapped grains of rice. This harks back to my days de-fluffing computer mice. You know, the ones that used to have balls that gathered bits and would fur up and stop working. Ooh I loved walking round the office de-fluffing my colleagues’ mice (snigger). Nowadays I have to content myself with scraping the filth off the little feet of the mouse…

Am I a total freak?! Help me out here… what would be on your list?

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  1. josandelson

    yucky yuck yuck. But yes i know the feeling about the earbuds. I suppose its the legal eagles onto them in case lots of deaf old folk sue them one day. Now i was most impressed to see an Orla Kiely bag. Or was it. Anyway very stylish. Jo #TheList

    • kimberly

      Ha yes Jo it’s an Orla Kiely bag! Present from the husband before baby 1 arrived, going strong for baby 2 ?love it x

  2. Lucy At Home

    Bleugh!!! I had to read that peering through my fingers! Yuk! #TheListLinky

  3. Zoe

    This is great! I cleared out my husbands earwax and it was really satisfying. (As is squeezing out blackheads) :s

  4. Kirsten Toyne

    There is something good about getting something horrible or boring done, maybe not the doing of it. I used find it very satisfying getting the fluff out of the tumble dryer filter when we had one. Just felt good. I know I will now be finding things all day that I could have written. One wipe nappy change was certainly one when kids were younger. #marvmondays

  5. oddhogg

    I am not on board with the dishwasher filter – that is foul and I hate doing it! I do get a weird satisfaction out of cleaning out the fluff from the tumble drier though #marvmondays

  6. Emma Island Living 365

    EUGH!!!!! Some of this very nearly made me vomit but then I am equally gross. I have to admit that I love those nose strips. You know, the ones that pull out blackheads from your nose but probably are really bad for your skin. Something satisfying about that! I am gross #MarvMondays

    • kimberly

      How have I not heard of these?! Off to google blackhead nose strips ?

  7. Back With A Bump

    This made me laugh! And definitely the old computer mouse. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

  8. teacuptoria

    I know a friend who loved squeezing spots off other people’s backs?!! Seriously gross but I think a lot of people enjoy it! xx #MarvMondays


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