The O word – every parent’s worst enemy.

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I mean, seriously. Overtired?!

How is that even a thing? Does. My. Head in.

If this word were used in an adult sentence what would it mean? Knackered. Not enough sleep. You’ve probably been working too hard, up too late drinking or up in the night with the children (or all three). Liable to fall asleep at any point, easily. On the train, sofa or in bed. Will be OK after a couple of good nights in a row.

The meaning for children: So far beyond tired, you turn into a complete and utter lunatic laughing hysterically one second and hitting your head on the floor repeatedly the next. The only solution is sleep, but the reason you are ‘overtired’  is that your responsible adult missed the two-hundredths-of-a-second window between quite tired and off the scale mental so you must refuse any attempt to put you to bed. In fact, fight, kick, hit, and whatever happens, scream blue murder from your room with disgust at this dreadful lack of time-keeping from Mummy.


“Pleeeeeease help me. I’m so tired!” Hmm. Let me have a think what might work. How about GOING TO F**K SLEEP?

Oh and make sure she knows it will affect every sleep from now on – naps and night-time sleep. You see, good sleep nurtures more good sleep. So those friends whose babies sleep well through the night, will also sleep well in the day for naps. How lovely for them.

But you, yes you ‘overtired’ baby, will laugh in the face of peaceful slumber and grab twenty minutes here and there throughout the day, refusing to appear tired until too late, then WHAM here you go Mum, have an earful of this! Add some crazy, lashing out, flinging backwards behaviour for good measure. Oh and where possible, fall asleep in 5 seconds flat in the car before waking up miserable at your destination 10 minutes later, just to wind Mummy up and take the edge off the hysteria until she least expects it. Keeps her on her toes.

Not to forget the waking up repeatedly in the night because you were not well-rested enough in the day. It’s her fault after all! WAHHHHH!

Little P is 10 months old. Not napping in the day. Up in the night crying and then at 4.30am for good.

So everyone is overtired. Can you tell?!


My Petit Canard


  1. Taylor_MadeBlogs

    Definitely get the few second window between sleeping baby and irritable nutcase 😳 Great post

    • kimberly

      Ha thanks! Blink and you miss it 🙄

  2. Laura Beresford

    My partner can’t understand why animal babies fall asleep whenever and wherever (thinking of meerkats) but our son Zach won’t! The joy of evolution?! #MarvellousMondays

    • kimberly

      What a joy indeed! X

  3. justsayingmum

    Oh this made me cry with laughter – sorry! I know that wasn’t the desired effect but you write so well – I was there with you and I could feel myself ever so slightly stressed about times gone by when I was living that hell. Pop the kettle on and I’ll drop by and make you a coffee! xx #MarvMondays

    • kimberly

      😂 if you can’t laugh you’ll only cry so I’m glad I made you laugh! Coffee please, black!! X

  4. Tubbs

    Learning when to go to sleep is such a big life skill. You forget until you’re faced with a screaming small person that going to sleep when you’re knackered is a great idea. #MarvMondays

  5. My Petit Canard

    Oh god, you poor thing! We’ve definitely had moments of this and it is literally the worst thing. It feels like a very fine line between tired and over tired when it comes to these little ones, blink and you miss it! Another fab post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily



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