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Sun 2 Oct 16 | Just for Fun | 8 comments

When I decided to kick off my own blog, having guest written for my pal Sunita’s fab Lucky Things blog on Confidence TipsTeethers and Yesssss moments as a parent, I had no idea what kind of world I was cyberspace-walking into.

I set it up with the aim to use the creative side of my brain, share thoughts and record moments with the small peeps whilst off on maternity leave and give myself a challenge.

It has blown my mind. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a whole new world existing in parallel to daily real life! There are so many talented and lovely parents chatting, instagramming, tweeting and blogging.  I can’t believe I didn’t know it existed before.
  2. It’s very addictive. Of course I’m just starting to find my stride and make contacts so I’m on my phone or laptop a fair amount, but wow – you could go on forever. And you need to ration the social media time when looking after the children as job number 1…
  3. I’ve realised how much I enjoy writing and I am learning not to edit too much. I’m not writing a novel after all! It’s brain splurge. Hopefully in some kind of coherent shape, anyway.
  4. There’s no need to worry about what other people might think of a post. If you do this you’ll never publish anything! It’s tempting to let self doubt creep in (“why would anyone care about that?”) but if the blog is mainly for you, and you love it, you can’t go wrong. And people generally read it, and either like it, or move on if they don’t.
  5. It’s therapeutic. Consolidating thoughts, re-living things, expressing yourself… All good stuff. Those chaise longue therapy sessions are expensive after all ?
  6. It’s really creative. I’m constantly coming up with ideas, taking photos or writing. Just walking down the street, I’ll be inspired by a conversation, a view, a shop, and whip out my phone to take a pic or make a note before I forget.
  7. Rather than worry that my head is buried in a virtual world, I find the blog is now sometimes the reason I actually go places – I want to write about it! Like Blues Smokehouse, Bekonscot Model Village and The Lookout in Bracknell which I’ll be reviewing soon. So fun family days out aplenty.
  8. I had heard bloggers talk of the amazing ‘community’ but didn’t really know what they were talking about. But now I get it – truly lovely people, sharing, liking, enjoying interaction. I’m finding the networking element even more enjoyable than I thought I would, and actually more time consuming than the blogging bit!
  9. The techy bit – so I’m not exactly a pro, but I’m not a dinosaur either. So I’m enjoying dusting off the SLR, getting my brain in gear and getting involved in Link Ups like #TheList to support others and share my blog posts too. (Ooh note to self: must link this one up too.)
  10. There are parenting blogger events – whoop! My kind of thing. I’m so excited to be going to the Mumsnet #BlogFest16 in November. Hoping to meet up with some fellow bloggers, go to writing and social media workshops and be inspired by brilliant speakers like Davina McCall, Sarah @UnmumsyMum , Aby @youbabymemummy , Emma @brummymummyof2 and comedian @shappikhorsandi.

So rather than just write about blogging, I better get blogging. But that’s what so cool about it, you can even blog about blogging, or blog about blogging about blogging. Which will be my next post… ?

Kimberly x

The Pramshed


  1. Sunita

    #BlogFest16 is going to be so much fun Kimberly! You’re going to love it. Nice we will both be there together although off in different directions at times! Lovely having a real life friend who blogs too 😉 xx

  2. kimbyk

    I also find blogging therapeutic.I love getting my thoughts and feelings out and it’a cheaper than a therapist!

  3. muminadaydream

    Love this!! I agree with every one of your points! Though I certainly need to up my tech game!! #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. aliduke79hotmailcom

    There is so much to love about Blogging. I am always learning something new or talking to new people. It has become a big part of my life.

  5. lakesidemom

    YES YES YES to number 5 and 6!!! #6 is a sickness, really, a true sickness. Except I choose to use my Nikon for my blog pictures, so I guess it’s good that I can’t whip it out of my pocket, or truly I’d live in a world of only pictures. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. The Pramshed

    These are great tips for anyone who is new to blogging. I know what you mean about community, I never realised that there was such a blogging community until I started tweeting and joining linky’s. Sometimes I find blogging an escapism, a way to get my thoughts out of my head onto screen. I hope you to continue to love blogging, it really is addictive. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    • kimberly

      Thanks Claire, really am loving it! Can’t remember what I used to do with my (10 mins a day of) free time… ?x



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