A technophobe’s saviour: have you met The Mighty Fox?

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Those of you new to my blog will be blissfully ignorant about how pants it used to look. I was proud of it – the fact I’d even managed to put some words into sentences on a page thingy on tinterweb was quite something to me. But it did look crap.

Enter The Mighty Fox! Any of you with a small business, a blog, a nugget of an idea or product that needs a ‘look’ online – you need to know about my secret weapon. She made this here blog look as awesome as it does right now, and we had a proper laugh along the way – considering I am totally useless at tech and she had to pretend I was a 6 year old child to explain everything. Plus the logo had a coffee cup in it at version 10 or something, then I told her that her very first draft was actually the one I liked best… eeek! Cool as a cucumber. I think she actually took the mick 😉 Actually, why am I sharing her with you…?!

Who are you? Are you The Mighty Fox?! 

I am indeed The Mighty Fox! Leading technophobes out of the dark digital forest when they can’t see the wood for the virtual trees! Although more often than not I answer to the name ‘Raquel’ and can be found tinkering on WordPress or Adobe Illustrator whilst snacking on cheese (I have a cheese problem).

Tell everyone what it is you actually do…
I’m a visual brand and website designer that also develops websites (code for ‘geek’). ‘Visual Brand’ includes logos, social media headers, business cards, letterheads, flyers, etc. Anything that may contain a client’s visual stamp, I’m on it.

How on earth did you learn how to do that?!
I’m a bit of a ‘doer’ so like to roll my sleeves up and take things apart to learn how they work. I decided to make my first website at 16 for my Communications A-Level possessing a crappy old computer and little technical knowledge. I just thought “sounds fun, let’s find out how this puppy works”. The result was my proud creation www.starter-motor.co.uk (no longer live), a website for teenage girls looking to buy their first car and information on what to look out for to avoid buying a lemon (I was obsessed with getting my drivers licence and buying my first car). It was a labour of love and I’m pretty sure only my mum was my biggest fan, but it gave me the spark to learn more. Since then I’ve built countless websites and brands and I’ve learnt something from every one.

On a scale of 1 – 10 how technically stupid are most clients who come to you for web design?
Well Einstein was right when he said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”. My clients are all geniuses at what they do best, which is why they hire me to do the techie and design things which they might not like, want or be able to do (see, proof of their genius!).

How stupid am I?! (You are definitely allowed to say 10, ha)
Clearly not one bit because you hired me! 😉

Which bit of the Media Mummy blog are you most proud of designing/building?
I genuinely love all of it! It’s a project I’m very proud of and I loved working with the Media Mummy herself! You are as funny and down to earth in person as in every post! If there was a standout bit it would be the visual branding concept itself. The collection of colours are so vibrant, fun and lively and when I read the blog it just ‘fits’, to me that’s what good visual branding is about, representative and emotion evoking, so I’m really proud of that.

Do you have any tips for people with their own small business or blog when it comes to their website?
The biggest one is don’t underestimate the importance of your website. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have. A loyal brand ambassador working for you 24/7, when you’re not there and off sleeping or even on holiday. It answers people’s questions, entertains them, knows your brand inside out, motivates potential clients to call/subscribe/buy. I see people/businesses leave it to stagnate, not looking at the details (copyright 2012 anyone…?) and put off making it something they are proud to show off. Meanwhile, they’re losing potential engagement from people who land there and think “Ah they don’t look serious about what they’re doing, maybe I’ll go look elsewhere”.

Second tip: prioritise navigation. We have short attention spans online and a need for an easy life. You may have the most amazing content but if your readers can’t find it then it might as well be hidden in Aunty Maria’s cookie jar above the fridge. If you have a blog make sure you have clear and defined top-level categories as well as relevant and visible tags. If your readers like the post they landed on they are more likely to go explore if it’s easy to do so. 

Any future plans to conquer the world? Or write a blog?!
A blog? Nah, can’t write for toffee, that’s why I work with with great copywriters when I need words. I’ll stick to visual stuff for the mo! Conquer the world? Absolutely, am currently working on it!

You can find Raquel at www.themightyfox.com
Professional photos of me and the children by the talented Sarah of Sarah Legge Photography fame.

If you enjoy my blog, I’d be proper chuffed like if you’d nominate me for ‘Fresh Voice’ in the BritMums ‘Brilliance in Blogging’ Awards 2017. Thank you!



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