Shhhh… 10 reasons I re-love the library.

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I had forgotten all about the library until the small people came along.

And now I re-love it. Here’s why:

  1. Free books! Free books! Have you forgotten you about free books?! When you buy them, how many times to you re-read them anyway before they collect dead skin cells on the shelf? Borrow them, don’t buy them, innit.
  2. The atmosphere. Mainly it’s because it’s lovely and quiet and I can hear myself think. It has a good influence on M and Little P too – it’s like they’re worried about making too much noise. Win win. How long can we stay?!
  3. Everyone in there is so nice. And a bit posh normally.  It feels awfully, lovely-ly British to me. “Do you mind telling me where one might find the Dickens?” (Yeah right.) Rah.
  4. One-to-one time with M. At home there’s the distraction of a phone, TV, house job. Here, all he and I do is read.
  5. Try before you ‘buy’. How often have you been disappointed with a book you’ve bought and then regretted it? Here you can read a bit and realise it’s not for you, or borrow and take back if it’s not your thang.
  6. I find reading children’s books for the first time so exciting – as does M. I love turning the page to find out what cool pics there will be and where the story is taking us. It’s really quite magical. Or crap, depending on the book. But at least you’re not stuck with it at home if it is!
  7. I like to think it’s teaching M a good life skill and discipline – concentration, respect for others (shhh!) and a thirst for knowledge. He gets really excited about going too.
  8. The smell! Everything is so electronic and Kindle-y these days, take a good noseful of wonderful, musky library books and it’ll transport you back to a world pre tech. Atchoo.
  9. Story and Rhymetimes – most libraries run little sessions where you can take the littlies to sit on the carpet and be read to or sung to by someone else far more enthusiastic than you on a hungover Saturday morning.
  10. If I have to buy one more book about cars I will go bankrupt. So this is the only way forward!

If you’ve forgotten about your local library… consider this a nudge to get down there. You’ll find they’re far more hi-tech than the last time you went too – you can renew and order stuff online now too, don’tcha know. I know – 21st century craziness.

One tip: keep them separate from your own books though – I need to hunt them down to take back this afternoon and they’re mixed in with all his own hundreds strewn around the house… Wish me luck!


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  1. littlepaperswans

    Oh we love the library too. Ours is always really quiet too so the kids play area is perfect for my little girl.


  2. Emma Island Living 365

    Yaay for the library! We went today and it was so lovely. Ours has just got a posh coffee maching too. Oooh triple fancy. I nearly skipped for joy when I saw it! #thelist

  3. Sarah | Digital Motherhood

    We love the library too – my daughter actually sees it as a treat to go which I love! #TheList

  4. crummymummy1

    I hadn’t been in a library for years until I became a mum – now I love it! #thelist



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