The problem with a child-free holiday. And it’s not what you think…

Thu 24 Aug 17 | Just for Fun | 6 comments

Tomorrow we leave for France. Just the husband and I – NO KIDS. I can’t quite believe it.

Three whole days without the mini-usses – trading them for a short break with mates, a villa with a pool, a wedding and inevitably, lots of booze.

It’s the first time we’ve left both of them for longer than a night. Which I think has only happened a handful of time in 4 years anyway. It’s also the first time we will be standing on different soil together without them.

So… you’re probably expecting some pensive ramblings about how I’m going to feel. That I’m dreading the goodbyes (which is true). I’m really going to miss them (despite this post to the contrary)…

But let’s get to the heart of what’s on my mind – like the big, responsible grown-up that I am.

How drunk should I get at the wedding?!

The obvious answer is VERY! Because I can! Because I’m not just sipping a glass of wine on the sofa at 9pm and dozing off to a boxset by half past. To be up at 5.15am to the littlest screaming blue murder because she’s angry she’s awake and still tired (the irony of this being totally lost on her of course).

Oh no. No getting up earlys for us post wedding party! Much lying in and winning at non-parenting. Smug smug smug.

Most of me feels like getting utterly bladdered like the good old days of pre-kids. Dancing like a knob and doing Jaegar Bombs. Singing power ballads with an air guitar til my throat’s sore and the balls of my feet burn. Laughing til I cry and saying things I don’t really remember the next day.

But there are three big problems with that:

a) achieving it, being the lightweight that I am.

b) sadly, I know I will wake up between 5 and 6am anyway. 16 months of consistent crack-of-a-sparrow’s fart wake-ups does that to you.

c) THE HANGOVER. My hangovers are emotional. They’re not just headaches, they’re full body experiences. Normally until the following evening. It is not pretty. And we have sun to bathe in and a pool to dive in the next day only! What a waste that would be!

Girl with hangover, water & eye mask

But what a waste it would be not to let go completely and have an evening to regret for years to come…

Pass the Alka Seltzer.

How would you play it?!


Featured image credit: Shutterstock / Ditty_about-summer
Middle ‘Hangover’ image credit: Shutterstock / Dmitry A


  1. citymumblog

    Oh go for it!!! We had a 40th birthday party recently, danced like maniacs all night and drank bucket loads of white wine! Felt horrendous for at least 2 days afterwards but it was so much fun!

    • Kimberly

      Yessss my kind of thinking! Xx

  2. Lucia

    I would probably resolve not to get smashed, but get the flavour after half a gulp of fizz and end up pissed as a fart. Have a wonderful time.

    • Kimberly

      Haha yep I’m a lightweight these days x

  3. Rachel

    Hahah!! Great blog post!!
    So, we have just done this. 4 days minus our two year old!!
    It was utterly AMAZING. In a villa with our mates, the g and ts on constant flow and two, yes two weddings to attend!
    I think you just need to remember that a hangover with kids around is a big NO NO and is always 100% worse. A hangover where there is a pool and literally nothing else to do?! Well, you’ll be fine!! Get on it!!

    And, anyway, you will also LOVE the dancing until stupid o’clock at wedding and will prob dance the drunk away!!!

    Enjoy your time away xxxxx

    • Kimberly

      You are wise and good my friend – and this is exactly what we did! Had the best time ever, and just zoned out around the pool, mind free of nap times, tantrums and toddler food… amazing! Glad you had the best time too – so important to have a break xx


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