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10 reasons why Mums make the BEST employees of all.

Dear Mr/Mrs Employer, You may tut and roll your eyes when Sally from marketing has to rush home to rescue a feverish baby from nursery - again. You're probably worried that 38 week-pregnant 'Efficient Emily' will come back brain dead from maternity leave in a year's...
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“I want to be a grown-up Mummy!”

Why do children want to grow up so fast? Four year old M was reluctantly getting his pyjamas on last night, having wangled a good 15 minutes extra time downstairs playing sports car Top Trumps with Daddy, and then dragging out the whole tidying up process (he just...
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“It’s like living with a tiny psychopath” – Toddler Tantrum Tales

I was having a gossip with some Mum friends just before our gym class this week (a Power Plates vibrate-your-head-off session, not spinning with the baby for a change). It was that 3 minute Mum to Mum power chat where you offload information fast and hard as the clock...
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The Real Sunday Roast is a b*tch.

Growing up, Sundays were all about roasts in our house. Everything we did that day revolved around what time the Lamb needed to go in. My Mum's roasties were (and still are) the best. As we got older, my brother and I *might* help peel the veg, or make the gravy, or...

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A short rant about: Pies

Dear pie-makers of Britain. What has become of you?  Cue nostalgic music and fuzzy black and white olden days footage from days of 'yore. Whatever they are. Once upon a pie, I would marvel at my dinner standing upright on its plate all on its own, and savour the...

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Settling in, moving on.

Here I am with a nice hot coffee, in a comfy chair in an average coffee shop. Happy days... But my buggy is missing. Well, more to the point, the baby isn't with me. I say baby, but she's nearly one. Does that still count? And all of a sudden, she's at her first...

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Go Go… Go Go… Grown-Up Jetters!

This morning I tweeted the fact that I sang the CBeebies Go Jetters theme tune for the entire length of my shower, without realising until afterwards. That is, all 3 minutes and 45 seconds of my shower - I have two small people after all. I mean, I do have a lot...

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Who is Media Mummy?

I'm Kimberly, a London/Surrey based juggler of many balls including a TV career, motherhood & this blog malarky. Quite a lot of people follow me apparently, although about 65 million others in the UK don't. But hey - sometimes the cool crowd is small...


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