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Why I haven’t missed my 4 year old.

Yesterday, whilst hanging washing out in complete blissful silence, bar the wind breezing a breeze and the birds tweeting (not on twitter), it hit me that I hadn't been missing my 4 year old. Oops. Is there something wrong with me?! He's been staying at his Grandma...
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The Noises of Parenting: a silly poem.

Wahh goes the sound of the newborn stirring Bang goes the sound of the toddler’s drum OWW yells Dad when he stamps on Lego in the dark Straiiiin goes the sound of a dirty bum   SHOES! cries Mum grabbing baby who’s crawled off once more Come ON now PLEASE? Shoving...
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The Lakes with kids – our break at Bank Ground Farm

The Lake District has huge nostalgia value for my husband and I. Well, Coniston, more specifically. Just this week awarded World Heritage status, the Lakes were the very first place we went on a long weekend away. I still remember the excitement of booking that...
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A technophobe’s saviour: have you met The Mighty Fox?

Those of you new to my blog will be blissfully ignorant about how pants it used to look. I was proud of it - the fact I'd even managed to put some words into sentences on a page thingy on tinterweb was quite something to me. But it did look crap. Enter The Mighty Fox!...

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I’m having a modern day disaster!

As I type, I'm feeling increasingly queasy. I've got butterflies in my stomach - I'm feeling nervous. I keep looking around at my fellow commuters, all engrossed in their phones, headphones on, writing emails, sending texts to their partners, scrolling through Twitter...

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10 reasons why Mums make the BEST employees of all.

Dear Mr/Mrs Employer, You may tut and roll your eyes when Sally from marketing has to rush home to rescue a feverish baby from nursery - again. You're probably worried that 38 week-pregnant 'Efficient Emily' will come back brain dead from maternity leave in a year's...

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“I want to be a grown-up Mummy!”

Why do children want to grow up so fast? Four year old M was reluctantly getting his pyjamas on last night, having wangled a good 15 minutes extra time downstairs playing sports car Top Trumps with Daddy, and then dragging out the whole tidying up process (he just...

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Who is Media Mummy?

I’m Kimberly, a London/Surrey based juggler of many balls including a TV career, motherhood & this blog malarky. Quite a lot of people follow me apparently, although about 65 million others in the UK don’t. But hey – sometimes the cool crowd is small…


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