Old Stocks Inn: Tweetingly scrumptious

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I am not a restaurant reviewer. But given the chance to be fed and watered by Old Stocks Inn – a boutique hotel and restaurant I’d been drooling at on Twitter – I couldn’t really say no, could I?

The Old Stocks Inn is in the beautiful market town of Stow-on-the-Wold – about an hour and a half from London. If you haven’t checked out their website or Twitter feed you should¬†– but credit card be warned, you WILL want to book a night away there. Sadly they had no space for us to stay in one of their ‘amazing great rooms’ or we’d have (reluctantly) given up our night on the campsite nearby… so lunch in their restaurant it was. Damn.









I turned up early for a coffee to crack on in the day job before our table was ready, and this was my set up… pretty nice for an office I think you’ll agree. Loving this freelance life!

It’s the kind of hotel where you look longingly at every light fitting and floor tile, wondering where you could source them and if you could, how you could retrofit them in your own house. Where you gasp walking into the toilet, and not because of the smell. Where you linger in reception weighing up the pros and cons of slipping that anglepoise lamp into your bag (of which there are only cons obviously, kids).

We picked and mixed from the brunch and lunch menus – going for buttermilk chicken and waffle, Bath pig chorizo hash and pizza for the children. Totally scrumptious.

I could think of lots more restaurant reviewery words to write (I did produce and direct ‘The Restaurant Inspector’ you know), but I think YUMMY in a trendy setting will suffice, no?

Or in our 4 year old’s words – “This is the most awesome pizza in the whole world.” The baby thought so too, with plenty of “more?”. Giles Coren eat your heart out,

Olds Stocks Inn is kind of forward thinking, beautiful brand that really understands the importance of social media – an aspirational instagram account, spot-on with the chat and pics on Twitter and while we were there, a nice chap with a big virtual reality camera (it was real, the pics it was taking were the virtual ones) was there taking super cool pics for the website so you can zoom into your room, or see if that lady in the corner is picking her nose or something. And fair play – their social media the only reason we we were there, sucked in by the pics!

If you live near Stow, are passing through the Cotswolds, or just fancy a break from the city, Old Stocks Inn is a much cooler home from your not so cool home. And next time it’s not just lunch – we’re staying in the room with the freestanding bathtub please!

Disclaimer: Our lunch was provided free of charge thanks to Old Stocks Inn. All opinions are my own.


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