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Some close pals and a preggers me – one week before Little P was born. Sophie is pointing at my bump – just to be clear 😉 Love this pic, these ladies rock.

When I was heavily pregnant, I was blown away by my friends’ generosity and thoughtfulness. I’m not a huge fan of baby showers so I didn’t have one – but I was still given brilliant gifts by other mum mates who wanted to help me in the first few weeks of motherhood. Second time round, I’d only finished work 10 days before Little P arrived (that was a mistake in hindsight!) and I’d barely had the chance to get my hospital bag together, let alone think about extras that would come in handy.

I thought it’d be nice to list a few of the things I really valued, or made me laugh. So often it’s all about baby, but this stuff is for Mum herself.

  • Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch marks and dry skin in general. I loved it, it smells amazing and it’s really cheap compared to its competitors like Bio Oil and the like.
  • Cover-up for sleep deprived eyes. Someone lovely bought me Garnier BB Cream which is a nice, easy to apply roll-on for those bags.
  • Chocolate – loads of it. And anything else snacky or naughty.
  • Pack of big pants. Comedy, as well as useful. You can chuck them away after.
  • Belly Bandit (I had an elective C-section for Little P). Can’t recommend these enough – whether you’re having a natural birth or c-section, they make you feel ‘safe’ and supported where it’s sore afterwards. You can get these in Mothercare, or there are other brands of the same kind of thing.
  • Dry shampoo. I’ve been a bit late to the party with this stuff, but it’s fab for a quick pick-me-up if you don’t have the time or energy to shower.
  • Luxurious lip balm.
  • Hand cream – you get such dry hands from all the hand-washing!
  • Ear plugs – for when it’s his turn!
  • Brightening eye drops. Ping! I’ve had loads of sleep, really.
  • Paracetamol for the inevitable headaches.
  • Maternity pads – you can’t really have enough in those early days. Depends if it’s a really close friend though I guess!
  • Handwritten sleep voucher – so you can ask your friend to babysit for an hour or two to catch up on some zzzs. Really cute and means a lot.

In the early days too, our awesome neighbours would pop round and ask if I needed anything from the shops as I couldn’t drive after my C-section. I can’t tell you how lovely and useful that was – I took them up on it nearly every time! More coffee, mainly.

Do you have any other thoughtful gift ideas for a new mum? What was the best present you were given and why? I’d love you to share them. I’m all done at two babies, but could always do with original ideas for my preggers pals…



Note: You can obviously shop around for the products above, I’ve just inserted links to a couple of places you can buy them online for ease. I have no affiliation to any particular shop!



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  1. Sunita

    Ah cool post Kimberly! Love the idea of a handwritten voucher for sleep, that’s super-cute of your pal. Did you get to use it? Loving your new blog! x hugs for you all Sunita

  2. Sunita

    Oh and I really love the pic of us three (best NCT besties ever!). Yes, we do rock! x

  3. Sunita

    Welcome to the world of linkys Kimberly x you know I love this post already. #thelist


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