Nana’s Manners: cutlery for stubborn little people.

Mon 11 Sep 17 | Reviews | 2 comments

Stab, shovel, chew. Stab, shovel, chew. Cheeky grab with a finger and munch. Wipe (on jeans probably). Repeat.

That was mealtime with my four year old pre Nana’s Manners cutlery. I’m sure it’s the same for most of the mini teatime brigade across the globe to be fair. Hooray for them eating at all though, right? We’ve got enough battles to fight.

However. M’s habits had started to annoy me. He’s perfectly capable of using bigger cutlery in the right hands I had thought – not just the little Elmer set we bought when we started weaning him four bloomin’ years ago and we’ve washed up twice a day ever since. He even eats his cereal with a teaspoon, the little oddball.

So when we tried big knives and forks, it made mealtime more stressful. He didn’t get it. He also hates change, so introducing anything new is hard. I’d been keeping my eye out for a nicer, medium sized cutlery set for a while, thinking of pitching it as a cool new toy just for him, but there wasn’t a lot about and I just wasn’t inspired by a Peter Rabbit gift box for a 4 year old.

So, as perfect target audience, my eye was drawn when I saw Nana’s Manners’ beautiful packaging and some tweets by Kathryn, the lady behind the ergonomically designed cutlery for kids.

Nana's Manners cutlery packaging

Kathryn is a teacher, and it frustrated her that in other aspects of teaching life there were aids to help the children with dexterity – easy grip rulers, training scissors, pencil grips, yet there was no cutlery out there that works like that. Even small versions of adult cutlery is just as tricky to use – as I had been finding out.

The cutlery is designed from scratch for school-age children. They are silky to the touch and appealing to pick up, there are obvious places to guide little fingers and thumbs (even supplied with cute stickers for fingers to match up) for best possible grip and  – don’t faint – the knife actually cuts things! Without being dangerous to the touch. Excellent serration research guys. How you even go about that I do not know.

Boy using Nana's Manners cutlery in gastro pub







I’m not gonna lie. M is a stubborn monkey – and after the initial excitement of a new present for him subsided, he still asked for his Elmer set. Mainly because he was getting attention focused on his bad eating habits, and he’s not a fan of having to concentrate when he just wants to stuff food in. So it’s taken a few weeks of persistence, but I know that’s due to his funny little personality. I’m so impressed with them. This evening, I noticed him picking the knife and fork up in the correct hands (we’ve been pushing the whole fork in the left hand thing for so long) and just cracking on without me or he saying a word. Secret proud moment – you know the ones, where you daren’t say anything or you’ll burst the bubble…

But you risk some cheeky pics.

Using Nana's Manners cutlery at dinner






I’d highly recommend them – they’re £19.95 for a set and you can order them online or find them in JoJo Maman Bebe now. Well done that brand. I want big versions for me! Next project perhaps, Nana’s Manners design team? I’ve had enough of my Paw Patrol set if I’m honest.


  1. Gillian

    Hi Kimberly. Would you say these are for ‘little’ kids or would a 7 year old fit them too? The knife skills in our house are not so good. It’s tricky to get an idea of size from the pics.

    • Kimberly

      Hi Gillian – they’d suit a 7 year old for sure. I just held them again myself and they felt comfy. They just stop in the palm of my hand but I can still use them. They measure approx 10 cm from the point you put your finger in the moulded bit. Hope that helps!


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