"Mummy can you play with me?"

Sun 16 Oct 16 | Just for Fun, Mummy Stuff | 2 comments

Toddler. First born. Arms stretched out

Babbling “Mum-mum play?”

Of course I will my sweetie

I’m off work, I’ve got all day!


I’ll be the race car, you be the truck

Down on our knees for an hour

Brumming and vrooming all over the house

Who cares about cleaning the shower?


Pregnant with second. Toddler’s got bigger

“Play with me Mummy, play play!

I want to build towers, so you be the digger

And scoop up the mud when I say.”


OK little monkey, but Mummy can’t crouch –

We’ll have to play up on the table

This bump’s getting heavy, my back’s really sore

But let’s build a house while I’m able.


Newborn is home. Number 1’s a big brother

“Let’s play a game, Mummy please!”

I’m feeding the baby, sweet. Later today?

I’m so tired I’m down on my knees.


“But Mummy you said that my new little sister

Would love to play games with me too.

She’s really quite boring and cries all the time

Please play Mummy, please I want you!”


Oh sweetie it’s hard, it’s just when she needs feeding

I have to drop everything, see?

Then there’s washing and ironing and hanging and drying

It’s been hours since I last had a wee.


Little one’s toddling, big one’s at school

Where did the time go, wowee!

Now she wants to play but I’m still washing up

And I haven’t yet had time to wash me…


“Mama play!” she begs me now.

Her eyes all big and round

So I manage Hungry Hippos til

My ears can’t take the sound


Fast forward a year. They’re old enough

To entertain each other

It’s cute to watch but suddenly

Her playpal is big brother.


Hey guys, can I please join in?

That looks so much fun! I call

“No – it’s not a game for Mummies!

We don’t want you playing at all.”


Waaah! Poor Mummy! I do a fake cry.

But they don’t give a toss

What they’ve gained in playing together

Is a teensy bit my loss.


But at least now I can wash up

With no guilt-fest “Play with Me!”

Get ‘Pointless’ and the kettle on.

(Or pour a cheeky G & T.)

Rhyming with Wine


  1. After the Playground (@DrSharonParry1)

    Brilliant – and so true. I think I was a dead-loss at most toddler games if I’m honest. Brothers and sisters are more fun. Apart from when the arguments start of course! #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. Petite Pudding (@petite_pudding)

    Ah I really enjoyed this – both of mine are still in the stage of wanting to play with Mummy, but as much as I look forward to them playing together it will be a bit sad when they no longer want me in their games #EatSleepBlogRT



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