I’m having a modern day disaster!

Wed 31 May 17 | Lifestylish | 2 comments

As I type, I’m feeling increasingly queasy. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach – I’m feeling nervous. I keep looking around at my fellow commuters, all engrossed in their phones, headphones on, writing emails, sending texts to their partners, scrolling through Twitter with not a care in the world. Little do they know, I’m not like them today on the 08.12. I’ve got a problem and it’s gnawing away at my gut.

It’s happened once or twice before, but a long time ago now. Back when it didn’t matter so much and you could roll your eyes, laugh it off and just get on with your day and vow not to be so stupid in the future. But now I’ve got small people who depend on me it’s a whole different ball game…

I’ve left my phone at home.

Fine, fine. I’m dramatising… I think. But the worrying thing is my heart genuinely sank as I felt around in that inside pocket of my handbag it’s always in. I really do feel icky and I keep delving in my bag just in case I threw it in a different section (even though I can picture where it is on my bedside table). I have this overwhelming urge to reach for it every few minutes, I can’t help it. I suppose it’s muscle memory actually. The irony is I keep thinking I must let my husband know I don’t have my phone today, by going to pull out my phone. How stupid is that?

It’s not like I won’t be sitting at my desk all day in front of a computer and my own desk phone. I’m not exactly cut off from the world at work in central London am I? So why does it feel like my right arm has been cut off and it’s only 8.38am?

I would’ve missed my train but I did consider driving back home to get it. If I didn’t have full battery on my iPad and a meeting first thing I definitely would have. Little P’s at nursery – what if there’s a problem and they need to reach me? M is with his grandparents, I’ll miss the WhatsApp pics, and how will I know when they’ve left to bring him home? I’m out with a friend after work, my husband won’t know where I am and if I’ve caught my train safely…

Perhaps I should be researching payphone locations. Do they even exist anymore? Probably easier to ask a stranger if I can borrow their phone! For want of sounding like a dinosaur, we always used to get by fine without them. You just had to make more solid plans, like ‘meet under the clock at 12pm.’ Not ‘see you at Waterloo 12ish.’

But phones are so much more than a device to call your Mum on now aren’t they? They hold our memories, our diaries, our social life. And I feel very anti-social without mine.


Go on – what would you have done in my shoes this morning – gone home to get your phone and been late for work, or cracked on and done without tech for 12 hours?

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  1. Lucy At Home

    Oh I would’ve been exactly the same. I really fight the urge to check my phone, but it’s just such a natural thing to do every time there’s a lull in conversation. If I’m watching the tv, as soon as there’s an ad break, I reach for my phone. It’s a habit and I do it without thinking. On those days when you’ve forgotten it or misplaced it, everything feels wrong! (Writing this, you’ve got me worried – it sounds like an addiction! Eeek!) #blogcrush

    • Kimberly

      I think we’re all addicted. Seriously! No one could survive without it! X


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