Mindfulness? Nah. It’s all about being mindempty…

Mon 16 Jan 17 | Lifestylish | 4 comments

Mindfulness seems to be one of those buzzwords at the moment. I don’t really know what it is, but I know I just experienced the opposite of it. And I really enjoyed a bit of mindemptiness.

Being mindful sounds like having a full head. And thinking about lots of things carefully with a pensive look on your face. Possibly while humming serenely or doing yoga. (*all wrong I’m sure…*)

But after a particularly annoying day I’ve been inspired to coin the phrase ‘mindemptiness’. It was an accidental state of mind, but it was awesome. Here’s what happened.

Busy, but rare day planned sans enfants in London. I went to catch a train to find that the line was fooked, everything cancelled and they had no idea when things would restart. Managed to get on the only train running, which went one stop before turfing everyone off. Argh. Got a train back to original station, now an hour on and definitely going to be late for first appointment. SO pissed off that my allocated train chill/reading/just-looking-at-Twitter-with-no-guilt time had been stolen from me! Trains still no better. Blood boiling. Decided to walk back to the car and brave the roads into town instead.

Calls made, appointments shifted, sat nav programmed, stress and disappointment levels pretty high. I was going to achieve so much in those train journeys to and from town, dammit! (You really only appreciate how useful/relaxing commuting time is after you’ve had kids).

Wipers on full in the hacking rain I left the car park, resigned to just being late and not being able to catch up on anything, stuck the radio on… and then it dawned on me.

I WOULDN’T be able to do any jobs. It just wasn’t possible. The only two things I could do were concentrate on the road and listen to music.

I was liberated!

So I drove along, loudly singing along to Kisstory, enjoying every second of me-time WITHOUT staring at a device. Except the sat nav occasionally. With an empty head.

I didn’t think about all the unanswered emails. I didn’t think about what I needed to defrost for Little P’s dinner or the doctor’s appointment I needed to make for M. I didn’t think about all the friends I should really be calling for a long overdue catch up. I didn’t have to listen to nursery rhymes or answer 74 questions on whether the police have caught all the bad guys in the world yet.

Nope, I was a mindempty car-zombie and I bloody loved it.

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  1. Lucy At Home

    Haha good for you! It’s great to zone out sometimes (even if it wasn’t in the most desirable of circumstances). It’s like being caught in the rain – you get to the point where you’re so soaked through, you might as well just embrace it and enjoy the experience! #DreamTeam

    • kimberly

      There was definitely a rain moment, where you go sod it and laugh. Thanks Lucy x

  2. Rhyming with Wine

    I am loving this! Although I’m pleased to know that it’s not just me that considers my commute to be “me time” for getting “me” tasks done, and I get thoroughly “fooked” off when it is cruelly nabbed from me. Liking the mindempty thing though. Maybe it’s the next hygge? Thanks for sharing here on #DreamTeam! xx

  3. shadowseries17

    I love when this happens haha mind emptiness is a great way of putting it!



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