The massive morning grumps.

Sun 22 Jan 17 | Lifestylish, Mummy Stuff | 12 comments

Mornings are a right stress at the moment.

For some reason, even if I get up and showered earlier than the children (and the husband), it still takes waaaay too long to get everyone else ready (not the husband) and breakfasted and out the door.

I just haven’t got the system yet. And it’s turning me into a real morning grump.

“Come ohhhhhn, M! What did I say? Get your PJs off! In the bathroom, I said, not play with your Lego. Leave Little P alone. P, get off that! Eat your breakfast, for God’s sake, we need to get going! Stay still, Little P or I’ll leave you in your PJs all day!” etc etc

I’m starting to detest the sound of my own voice.

There must be some magic combo that works, which I haven’t discovered. While I try to get M dressed, 8 month old Little P rolls around everywhere and wants to grab her brother’s age inappropriate toys, pull on the shelves, or try and open his drawers into her head. In the bathroom she’s unhappy on the cold floor and M just doesn’t listen so everything takes twice as long. When I’m getting her ready, he just messes around, annoys her, jumps up on her change table (don’t get me started), and zooms cars around my feet so I trip on them. All the while whingeing “Can I watch Paw Patrol now?”. She’s at the stage where just getting her in a vest is a massive effort as she doesn’t want to stay on her back or be restrained so I end up trying to get her dressed in all kinds of weird positions while she screeches.

And if I don’t get myself ready before them, you can imagine the state of things while I try and have a 3 minute shower and get myself looking presentable while they’re whining/screeching/killing each other.

As soon as we’re out the door life is SO much easier.

We’re stuck in a morning-shaped rut – has anyone got any advice?

Two Tiny Hands


  1. Mom Of Two Little Girls

    Does little P HAVE to get dressed out her pjs? I just found your blog so I’m not sure, but if you are just taking your older child to day-care then going back home, don’t bother changing the little one until you get back home. If you are taking her to daycare, then is 5 minutes of Paw Patrol so bad if it keeps him occupied while you focus on your little one?
    I do remember those days. It is so hard. Everything is so hard. But you’re doing great … and it will get easier eventually.

    • kimberly

      That’s a good point actually… she’s 9 months so doesn’t actually need to get dressed til later – I think it’s an automatic organisey thing to want to get her ready. Thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. Beth

    Lol I was about to say the same as ‘Mom of two little girls’ I probably have it a bit easier because the bigger one is at school but my 18 month old is only ever dressed for the school run if she’s covered herself in breakfast.

    I think these early days are about trying to get through it with your sanity somewhat intact!



  3. Island Living 365

    I have no tips. I am getting up at 5:45 at the mo to exercise and I am still rushing around come 8am! I should not be rushing around. I now leave getting myself ready until I get back home. So I go on the school run in my gym gear but throw a coat over and a hat on my barnet and douse myself in perfume! Then when I get back I grab a shower. 🙂 #FamilyFun

    • kimberly

      IMPRESSIVE! Exercise at that time, you are one crazy lady… ?

  4. justsayingmum

    Aww I feel your pain! My three always say that I’m the calmest mummy until it’s that moment we need to leave the house and then I’m screaming “it’s 7:15!!!!!!” They call it my 7:15 mood – brilliant! I always feel better if I’m ready first then I’m ready to take on the day but not always that easy that early in the morning. I don’t think we are alone – households ups and down the country losing the plot!! #FamilyFun I’ve just realised I’ve been absolutely no help whatsoever – sorry!

    • kimberly

      Your help is in the form of empathy!! Haha thanks xx

  5. aliduke79hotmailcom

    My two pretty much get themselves up and ready to go in the morning, I am the one they are shouting at to hurry up lol. I just can’t get it going in the mornings, opps.

    • aliduke79hotmailcom

      I’ll add that they are 11 & 18 lol and #FamilyFun

  6. stressymama

    My mornings seem just as chaotic and I’ve only got one to get ready – I honestly don’t know how I’d cope with another..

    This morning when I was getting ready Molly somehow managed to get her hands on a roll of toilet paper so I had a decision; do I take it off her and face the inevitable tantrum and me never getting ready, or do I let her play with it knowing that she would completely shred it and I’d be cleaning it up for ages, but I’d be able to get ready in peace…

    …I took the easy way out and let her shred it to within an inch of it’s life so I could for once get ready in peace! Haha. I’m still finding bits of paper everywhere now though.

    Not really been any help or offered any tips have I – sorry! ? X

    • kimberly

      Nope, no help at all Sam, thanks… ? But made me laugh out loud!! You’ll be finding it for days to come! X

  7. twotinyhands

    I’m not really at the stage where I need to get anywhere yet but i suppose I always make it to playgroup. It helps that my little likes to get his shoes on and will often go find mine for me too so I just need to get myself ready! I’m sure it would get harder when he’s older or if I have another child! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬


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