I just love it when a little person comes out with a totally unprompted ‘I love you’. Recent ones from our household include “I love you in the toilet Mummy”. “I only love Daddy at weekends” (iPad-treat related), “I really love pizza Mummy, I can eat it all day.” “I love [best friend] G, I will miss him when he goes to his new school” (awwww) and various “I love Lamp” moments where he’ll name something he can see, say he loves it and laugh wickedly as if it’s the funniest thing he’s ever said.

I wonder at what stage our social filter kicks in? When do we start thinking, “hmm I mustn’t say that in case that person thinks it’s silly/wrong/rude”. I’ve already had a bit of cringeyness in that department when, in a pub, M suddenly said really loudly – “Mummy look! That man is fat”. Awkward. Man in question didn’t hear, but nonetheless there was a quick frantic conversation about being kind to people (read: the new me ‘parenty’ words). But he’s just thinking that Thomas the Tank’s boss is the Fat Controller (well, in the old books we have still), and there are often ‘fat cats’ or ‘short and fat’ rhymes in his books…

Just the other day in the post office queue, he told me he loved me. Ahhh I said, that’s nice – I love you too. And then he smiled. And said it again. And again . And again, really loudly. So everyone heard it each time and I didn’t really know what to say back. I’m ashamed to say it actually got a bit embarrassing! People started smiling and then looking away. But I couldn’t tell him to shush – he was being silly, but it wasn’t like he was whingeing or playing up. He was telling his mummy he loves her, albeit with a devilish look. We got to the counter though soon enough and he turned his affections to a car (standard) on the TV screen advertising insurance.

The newest love affair comes in the small package that is his baby sister. The sibling thing really is the gift that keeps on giving. For the first 3 or 4 months of her life, he just ignored her and cracked on with his own important schedule (cars, Lego, sausage and mash – in that order). But suddenly he’s developed an incredible sense of affection for her and gives her cuddles all the time, tells me ‘Mummy, she’s sooooo cute!’ and gets upset when I have to get her out of the bath because ‘I don’t want her to go to bed Mummy, I love her!’.

I don’t remember anyone telling me how much your heart could swell watching the two little humans you produced interact and start to love each other so unconditionally. I was so engrossed in the worry about looking after two, I forgot they’d develop an unbreakable bond – and I certainly didn’t realise that it starts when they’re so tiny.

I won’t worry about M’s public filter yet though. I’ll take any kind of love he sends or shouts my way, in the toilet or otherwise.

*warm & fuzzy glow*


My Petit Canard


  1. Taylor_MadeBlogs

    Our little one is only 7 months but the thought of giving her a brother or sister and watching them as you have described is v exciting! Nice post ?

  2. justsayingmum

    oh that swell of the heart – isn’t it just the best feeling? I love the no social filters of smalls – so sad that this stops – enjoy it while it lasts xx #FamilyFun

  3. twotinyhands

    Aww that’s cute. I’ve no idea when the filter stops it but I’m looking forward to it happening when my little gets a bit older. My heart melts when I get a kiss from time to time!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  4. mydangli

    Oh this post made me smile, my little one is still way too little to think in social filters and such, but I often think to myself that it’s so refreshing how kids speak freely. Treasure the moments and remember the cringe whorty ones too, they’ll make great stories one day 😉 #familyfun

  5. tammymum

    Ah that really is lovely. My eldest isn’t quite there but I cannot wait to hear mummy I love you. I remember by younger cousins saying some horrendous things in public that made you want the ground to swallow you up. That bit I am not so much looking forward to. I have no idea at what point that social filter kicks in but I would be keen to know. I love watching my two interact and be loving toward one another it really is the most undescribable heart bursting moment isn’t it. Thank you so much for sharing with us at #familyfun xx

  6. Sunita

    He’s so so cute!!!!!

  7. Helena

    Little ones are the best. #FamilyFun

  8. Jo (Mother of Teenagers)

    This is so funny and lovely all at the same time. Bless him. A child’s love is totally unconditional. Make the most of every moment. #familyfun

  9. My Petit Canard

    So cute! I live in fear of our three year old asking a really honest, unfiltered question in public that might make me want the ground to swallow me. Its not their fault, they just dont know do they. But the love comments, bring them on! They’ll come a time when they dont want to say it to us at all anymore and we’ll have to drag it out of them 😉 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

    • kimberly

      I know – really don’t want the day he’s embarrassed to say I love you to come! x


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