It’s Official – I’m a Bloody Brilliant Blogger.

Mon 8 May 17 | Just for Fun | 6 comments

The Bloody Brilliant Blogger Tag – Run by Becky (Mommy and Rory) and Kimberly (OddHogg) the tag is all about showing recognition to the amazing blogs the internet has to offer. Giving their owners a virtual slap on the back and celebrating some flippin’ fantastic posts.

Kat at Confession of a Working Mum has nominated me in this massive blogger love-in. Thanks dude! We bonded over mutual feelings of pride for being working Mums (read Kat’s post here and mine here) I have to say I had no idea how many other parents blogged when I started Media Mummy just 8 months ago. I’d laughed at Katie’s Hurrah for Gin, read the occasional review that popped up on a random blog through Google, and kept up with my friend Sunita from Lucky Things‘ inspiring lifestyle/career blog. But wow – I had no idea of the talent out there in their hundreds! I’ve cried, nodded, guffawed and been touched by so many brilliant blog posts. Aren’t we lucky to be able to read others’ experiences and express ourselves at our smartphone-addicted fingertips?

It’s not like life didn’t exist before our very first hotmail account on dial-up (or were you with blueyonder?!). I know that. And our parents managed just fine without the web. But I seriously struggle to imagine motherhood without my phone, camera and blog now. Is that sad? I don’t think so. Whilst I sometimes have to have a word with myself as I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed too much on a Mummy Monday, I genuinely think capturing moments in either words or pictures and sharing the motherhood learning curve on Media Mummy has benefitted all of my little family. I love the creativity so it makes me happy, we’ve had the odd freebie so the kids are lucky, and I often find the blog is a good excuse to go somewhere new with the children – hooary! I’ve learnt so much about websites and social media, and I’ve also connected with all kinds of people I never would have without it. And actually met them in ‘real life’! (so they do exist and they’re not axe murderers, Mum 😉 )

So, basically, blogging rocks. Babies give us great material, the skyscraper highs and the underground lows – and seriously, imagine if all of us emotionally unstable parent bloggers were walking around with no outlet for everything going on in our worlds. We’d spontaneously combust! Actually, blogs must be doing the NHS a favour. Stick that big statement in your pipe and smoke it.

So my turn to nominate…

    • I’ve just discovered Siobhan from Pass the Wine Please, having been sucked in by her post titled Why Soft Play is a Lot Like Clubbing. Being a regular clubber and all (squirt tea out of nose). I’ve read a lot of posts about soft play – after all, a blogger’s never short of material when an activity involves brightly coloured ballpits, sugared-up kids and knackered parents. But this one really made me laugh as I pictured the sweaty mess of a nightclub I used to go to before the dawn of time.



I’d love to hear your Bloody Brilliant Blogger story chaps.

Kimberly x

The rules for nominated bloggers:

    1. Write a post to proudly show you’re a bloody brilliant blogger.
    1. Include the introduction (copy and paste as below) in your post, along with this set of rules and don’t forget to thank the blogger who nominated you:
      The Bloody Brilliant Blogger Tag – Run by Becky and Kimberly the tag is all about showing recognition to the amazing blogs the internet has to offer. Giving their owners a virtual slap on the back and celebrating some flippin’ fantastic posts.
    1. Nominate three bloggers who you think are bloody brilliant and tell us a bit about why!
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Each month Becky and Kimberly and will nominate three bloggers who they think are bloody brilliant. It’s then up to the brilliant blog nominees to spread the love by nominating three bloggers of their own. At the end of the month they will pick one blogger each to be their Bloody Brilliant Blogger of the month!




  1. Rhyming with Wine

    Doing you a one person Mexican Wave right here! (Have tried to get the kids to join in but Fireman Sam is on so it’s futile.) Love this tag, and yes indeedy Mr NHS. Smoke it away! ? Very very true. Thanks so much for the nomination and all the gorgeousness. Big bloggy hugs and I’ll get thinking! xx

    • Kimberly

      Ah you’re welcome Dawn. I still don’t know how you do the rhyming thing so brilliantly! Leave the kids to Fireman Sam and gimme 5 instead ?enjoy x


    Its lovely to be noticed and awarded makes the hard work pay off!


  3. Mrs Mummy Harris

    Congratulations for your recognition lovely, you deserve it! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  4. JakiJellz

    Ah well done lovely! Becky nominated me in the first week and it’s such a lovely feeling to get recognition from fellow bloggers. Siobhan is also a firm favourite of mine! Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, really hope to see you back on Tuesday 🙂


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