It’s good to talk…

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It’s good to talk.

Wasn’t it Bob Hoskins in those old BT ads?

Mobile phones are amazing. I don’t even know why they’re called phones anymore as that function seems the least used. But I’d like to bring back the actual talking on the telephone thing. You know, dialling, listening to the ringing, and speaking to another human on the other end? A friend or family member who actually picks up? No, I barely remember it either.

I’m as guilty as the next person of sending emails, WhatsApps or texts instead of calling – but I’m determined to do better. It’s a sad state of affairs when your best friend sounds worried that you’re calling (“Hi mate, everything alright?”) instead of just happy to hear from you.

If I do plan to call someone, I do just that – text them to find a convenient time to call. Whatever happened to just ringing? Oh, I might disturb them. Perhaps it’s not a good time. I’ll send a quick text instead…

Remember the old days (well if you’re old like me) where you would sit on the stairs or as far away from the grown ups as the phone cable would reach, and gossip with your best mate for hours. Just rambling about things. Gossiping. Listening. Getting something off your chest. And there’d always be something you forgot to say as you hang up. Which you couldn’t text to her straight afterwards as texting didn’t exist. So you’d have to wait ’til you see her next.

There’s something really special about talking something through. Hearing the tone in your friend’s voice. Judging if something is more important than they’re saying, flippant, or funny. So the next time you find yourself drafting a text and either worrying about it coming across ok, or messaging back and forward with the recipient who’s also staring at their phone awaiting your next message, surprise them and call up instead.

It is a phone after all.


Remember dialling with one of these? SO annoying when you got a digit wrong, especially near the end. #oldlady

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  1. justsayingmum

    Oh I completely agree and it’s so funny to read this post this evening when I was thinking about an old friend today who I haven’t seen forever but we keep in touch by text and I made a pact with myself that I would call her this weekend just to chat – I miss her and a half hour conversation will be so much nicer than a text so I’m with you on this all the way! #BloggerClubUK

  2. Michelle Twin Mum

    I loved sitting on the stairs on a Sunday evening chatting to my friends for hours, after only having seen them earlier that day. How life has changed. You are right we need to call more again. Mich x #MarvMondays

  3. Petite Library

    Yes, sad by true, although I often find it’s clearer having an email, you have it to refer back to, you haven’t got to dash to get a pen when you’re on the phone, it’s right there. But I agree there’s nothing like the dialling and the conversing on the phone. #marvmondays

  4. thealohamummy

    It is sad that the art of a telephone call is diminishing before our eyes. I remember my best friend and I would phone eachother every night after a full day together at school (our dad’s couldn’t understand what we had left to talk about!) but sometimes we’d have that magical moment of telepathy where as you picked up the phone to dial your friend was already on the other end as shed dialled a few seconds before! #marvmondays

    • kimberly

      Omg id forgotten about that! That was amazing when it happened ?x

  5. Fridgesays

    #marvmondays I solemnly so swear to phone a friend every week just because. Thank you x inspiring post

    • kimberly

      Haha! Great. It’ll prob be hard to get through as people don’t pick up! Enjoy x

  6. My Petit Canard

    Great post! You raise so many good points, why are mobile phones called phones still, its true, we hardly use them to make actual calls these days! Your post has made me want to try harder to actually pick up the phone more. I actually asked my brother in law if everything was ok the other day when he called me instead of texting, so funny! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

    • kimberly

      Give someone you’ve not spoken to for ages a call – and I bet it goes to voicemail! x


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