You may laugh at this pic, but it’s actually very accurate as I drive a T reg Focus. Glam.

I’m a serial radio station flicker, when I’m not hard negotiating Mummy music time vs nursery rhyme CD time in the car. I feel like a whole new  target audience waiting to happen. Anyone else in the same boat?

Radio 1 too irritating, I’m no way near ready for Radio 4, Radio 2 – what is it? Apart from Chris Evans with his high pitched yelling. The 11am hour of Kisstory rocks but Kiss presenters hurt my ears, Capital play the same 5 songs on loop all day, Absolute tries really hard and I can stick it for a few tracks then something really noisy comes on, Heart meets my pop addiction until they push it too far and play Come on Eileen… argh! And Magic. Well. Embarrassing as it may be, it’s a guilty pleasure, and often they keep me singing along for 3 or 4 songs… but then they drop the C Bomb. The Carpenters. Nope – that’s too far. I’m not 75. And no amount of birds suddenly appearing every time you are nearing will make them ok to listen to aged 35.

Someone help! I’ve got Spotify at home (don’t get me started on that – I still pick the same old stuff for want of inspiration), but in my old Ford Focus I need the good, old-fashioned radio where I press a button and it plays stuff and people talk. Can’t be faffing with Bluetooth and 4G with children wailing or “come ohhhn” mummy-ing in the back.

Answers on a postcard / tweet / comment. Oh, I’m London/Surrey and no digital radio in a T reg, so I’m stuck with good ol’ analogue.

Crackle, crackle, out.

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  1. Sunita

    Hey Kimberly. Woo-hoo welcome to the world of blogging my lovely friend. Loved your first few posts. It’s great how writing a couple of posts for my blog has turned into this – So pleased Lucky Things Blog could be a part of your inspiration. Have lots of fun as a blogger!
    Ha ha, love it that you have a cassette player in your car. Retro is cool. Well, when it comes to radio skipping, I guess I loved KISSstory this Summer but not sure if it’s still around? Capital1Extra is a fav of mine when I’m with the girls. But this Summer we’ve also got into Jazz FM as it helps to keep us all a bit chilled! x Sunita


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