I’m getting ‘virtually’ fit in 2017.

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You may know I’ve been trying to tone up the ex-baby-house wobbly bits with some spinning classes. I’ve been loving (and hating) it! I even take the small people along sometimes, which is a life saver as it’s meant I can be really flexible about what classes I can make. Most days, M asks if we’re going to my exercise class, because he gets 45 minutes playing Lego City something or other on the iPad while I’m spinning (lucky little b*gger). He’d rather I was even more keen on fitness, let me tell you.

Flex got in touch after reading my post on spinning. They have a new concept, starting to prove really popular with Mums juggling everything and hoping to get fit too. I don’t know about you, but I’d never even heard of an online gym – I mean, what IS that? But these guys have set up a website where you can choose from a variety of  exercise classes and times, given by qualified instructors, and book onto live classes. So you get to exercise in your own front room without the getting-out-the-front-door-with-kids or babysitting drama. The baby can stay napping upstairs, or the toddler can join in / be restrained with snacks in their high chair / given aforementioned Lego City games to play on the sofa.

In my case they both wanted to get involved…


Reverse crunches ok? Not just having a lie-down.

The genius thing I think – and the real selling point for me – is that because you actually have to book on to your class, be it in two minutes’ or two hours’ time, you’re (almost) definitely going to do it. Unlike that Insanity DVD that is currently collecting dust on your bookshelf.

I think my last minute technique works best – I decided to go for it this morning, looked up a class I thought looked good and hit ‘join’. Before realising it started in less than twenty minutes, and I was in my dressing gown as were M and Little P. Oops. Not a problem! Unlike the ‘real’ gym, I didn’t need to get them dressed, or pack the change bag or sort milk or car park change.

I logged on using my smart TV with 2 minutes to go and suddenly there was Pollyanna from The Fit Mum Formula saying hi and warming me up…


I have to say it was a bit surreal at first, and I was a bit disappointed when I realised that it was ‘streamed’ live as opposed to actually presented live – as in, the instructors have recorded their classes and Flex just show them to you at the class times you choose. But it’s a brilliant way to squeeze in a class when you have an hour or less at home with the children. The variety is fab – you can do anything from Burlexercise (yes, that is a thing apparently, take a look at the clips!) to normal aerobics, body pump, yoga, pilates and pre/post natal specific classes.

I love the camaraderie and joint ‘help us!’-ness of a class with other humans, so I think I’d use this to supplement as opposed to replace the ‘real’ gym. But there are exciting things to come for this type of online exercise – as apparently the Flex technology team are hoping to set up comms between friends who are signed up to the same class. So the instructor can’t hear you, but your mate could – excellent for swearing, motivating each other or in-between reps banter. I think there’s real potential for a fun, virtual exercise community here too, if people join the same class each week.

All good fun! I’m going to look up my next class now.


This is a collaborative post as the lovely people at Flex offered my class for free in exchange for an honest opinion. You can try them for free too with a 30 day trial. I chose a 20 minute bodyweight HIIT workout comprising 4 rounds plus rest times, plus a warm up and cool down. Perfect for time short Mums wanting to burn fat in minimal time, they say! I misread that as ‘short’ Mums, first time. I’m both time short and quite short so it suited me 🙂

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  1. James Hopes

    Never heard of this but sounds like an awesome idea! Will definitely give it a go!

    • kimberly

      Do it! Let me know which one you sign up to and I’ll join! ?

  2. Angela Watling

    This sounds like a great idea! If you’re booked on to a class you’re paying for it would definitely incentivise on tired days. #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. A Mum Track Mind (@amumtrackmind)

    I like the thought of swearing and sweating virtually with a friend whilst exercising! Interesting concept – I think there is a lot of potential for these brands, especially amongst time poor working parents who can’t get to the gym. Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

  4. justsayingmum

    Oh this made me giggle – your photos of just pure reality! Sounds like a fab plan though – I’m considering something similar with ‘results with cecilia’ but it’s a 4 times a week virtual programme and I’m already fretting the I haven’t time and may just sit there and watch the virtual finest class whilst tapping on the laptop and eating maltesers – how bad is that?! #DreamTeam

  5. mommyandrory

    Strangely enough the post which I’ve linked up is also my review of Flex and it’s immediately after yours! What are the chances of that!

    I gave the mummy tummy workout a try and like you found it was excellent fun. Was great to see your little ones getting involved too!



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