I’m a finalist in the BritMums Blogging Awards!

Sun 2 Jul 17 | Lifestylish | 0 comments

If you’d have told me a year ago that there were these things called blogging awards, I’d have said a) what’s blogging? And b) there really is an awards for everything now isn’t there?!

And now I actually write a blog and I’m a finalist in the BritMums ‘Brilliance in Blogging’ awards 2017.

I. Know. Crazy!

I appreciate that to non-bloggers like me 9 months ago, this sounds completely random and ridiculous, so with that in mind, I’ve done a little research to amuse us all on some more of the world’s wonderfully eccentric awards…

      • The Scone Award – As far as the organisers know, the only dedicated scon-test (my joke, #sorrynotsorry) in the UK! Bakers must enter 4 scones in each category including fruit and cheese and the heart thumpingly exciting ‘freestyle’ scones… Mmm. Cream then jam, or jam then cream though?


      • The Stationery Awards. Judged and awarded at the ‘Stationery Show’ in London, I’m particularly intrigued by the ‘filing’ award which this year was the Darling Clementine A4 Folder from All Home Everything. Why of course! I have several.



      • Stinky Shoe contest. This year, Conor Slocombe was awarded the golden sneaker trophy and prestigious title of “Smelliest Sole” at the 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest in New York, USA. I’m wrinkling my nose at how (and why) they judge that.


      • World Gurning Awards – because, well why not. Originating in 1267 allegedly, the competition for pulling the ugliest faces possible is held in Cumbria – and this time, Tommy beat Gordon in a SHOCK RESULT. And then the wind changed…


      • Britain’s Smelliest Cheese Awards – I’m not a fan of stinky cheese, so I can’t bring myself to read much of this article without gagging. In fact I reckon I’d rather sniff Connor’s shoe as at least I wouldn’t be expected to eat it.


And then we have the BritMums ‘Brilliance in Blogging’ awards. Doesn’t sound that weird anymore actually does it?! You’ll find me in the category for ‘Fresh Voice’ as my blog is under 18 months old. I won’t have a chance next year when I’m a teeny fish in a mahoosive pond, so please take pity on me and vote now as this’ll be my last chance…

Thanks a mil. The vote closes Sunday 2nd July and is announced in September so watch this space!



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