I think I miss being pregnant…

Tue 31 Jan 17 | Mummy Stuff | 11 comments

I honestly just thought about this in the last half hour.

I drank an ice cold glass of water and a strange subconscious expectation, almost like a muscle memory, waited for a wriggle in my stomach. It just dawned on me that I’m never going to have a bowling ball belly (with sore back), or teeny kicking feet (digging into my ribs) or that miracle-growing-a-person feeling (sick inducing) ever again. At least we really don’t plan to…

Maybe I was lucky. I had two really straightforward pregnancies, sure – with the odd super tired day, or nauseous moment. But in the main, they were enjoyable, lovely, magical. And tonight it hit home that I won’t be doing that again.

Me: “I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel sad that I won’t ever be pregnant again.”

Mr MM: “You don’t want to be pregnant again though do you?” (Slightly alarmed tone.)

Me: “No. I didn’t say that. You’re such a boy. I’m just saying how I feel.”

Mr MM: “Oh. But why?”

Me: “That’s just what girls do. And I do feel a bit sad I won’t grow another small person. Feel the amazing feelings of a baby growing inside, it’s so weird that with something so incredible and precious I’ve forgotten how it feels already.”

Mr MM: “But why would you want to? Wasn’t it hard?” Still not getting it.

Me: “Well at times, yes. But mainly, I’m going to miss it, ok?”

He chooses to be quiet now, sensibly, as I’m having a rare girly moment. It’s not that I want to feel all that stuff again necessarily, more like an era is over and I’m nostalgic about it after a glass or two.

Cheers 🙂

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  1. Rhyming with Wine

    I totally get this! In fact I remember having quite a few tear filled moments after having each of my two just because I wasn’t pregnant any more. There is something magical about having a teeny person snuggled up inside of you, and no matter what the world throws at you for those few months you get to just put your hand on your bump and smile. I miss that. (Although definitely stopping at two – I don’t miss the newborn stage that’s for sure haha). Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam xx

  2. themuddledmother

    I get this. Me and hubby are pretty certain we are done after two children, but I still help feel a little sad that my tummy won’t hold a little person in again. #dreamteam

  3. aliduke79hotmailcom

    I am pretty sure I won’t be having any more kids, especially now my eldest is 18. I don’t miss being pregnant, both of mine felt like they were trying to kick their way out from the inside lol.

  4. The Squirmy Popple

    I sometimes miss it too, even though I mostly found pregnancy terrifying – I was so anxious the whole time. Still, there was something wonderful about feeling those kicks… #FamilyFun

  5. justsayingmum

    I completely understand this view. I’m following some gorgeous instagrammers who have recently become pregnant and I’ve got that little flutter of sadness that I won’t go through that again – it’s a beautiful experience that I’d love to feel again but alas I won’t and I guess that is the reason we get a little nostalgic. I love your thoughts jotted down approach! #FamilyFun

  6. crummymummy1

    I’m writing this overdue with baby number three and can’t wait NOT to be pregnant. Funny to think I might be missing it in a week or two! #familyfunlinky

    • kimberly

      Haha you got it! Good luck with the birth, you’re a fab hand now surely..?! X

  7. stressymama

    Awww Kimberly, I can totally relate. I loved being pregnant (mostly) but missed it as soon as I wasn’t pregnant anymore. IF we have another I will be sure to cherish every moment because I know that would definitely be our last one. X

  8. twicemicrowavedtea

    I really get this. In the last month or so of pregnancy I said to my husband that I wishedI could keep our baby inside me – it sounds ridiculous but I think I just knew she was safe there, and it was comforting having her there with me all the time. Obviously when she was born I loved having her, but I missed having a little person inside me too. It sounds ridiculous writing this, but I suppose there’s just no feeling like it and we only have it for such a short time… #familyfun

  9. Hayley@MissionMindfulness

    I’m with you – I miss being pregnant – especially the indulgence of the first pregnancy and hubby being so incredibly fab at taking care of me and bump. Even the twin pregnancy – though exhausting = was reasonably straightforward and enjoyable. I LOVED the wriggling in the tummy. 🙂 #familyfunnxx

  10. tammymum

    I know what you mean! Obvs. I totoally get it. I have no desire to be pregnant again but it is saddening to know I will never do what is the most amazing thing and even never experience birth again and the first time you hold your newborn. Oooh nostalgia. Sniff sniff. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun


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