I love/hate* Lego… *delete where applicable

Tue 6 Dec 16 | Just for Fun, Lifestylish | 10 comments

This is how my relationship with Lego goes.

Ahh, look at M, he’s building something all by himself. So independent. Five minute’s peace! Quick – drink the tea while it’s molten lava.

FFS MY FOOT! For the 25th time today! Some bits are microscopic – clearly designed to lame grown adults. Lego should design special little-bit hoovers, or Lego magnet-y things that can magically collect them all up (are you listening Lego HQ?).


Wow – his imagination has come on leaps and bounds since playing with Lego. A walking talking car-chicken of the sea?! Awesome.

Argh – another teeny tiny broken bit. And no I don’t know where it goes. So no I can’t fix it. Ask Daddy when he gets home in what seems like 4 days from now.


Look at Daddy and M down on the floor, building together – such special moments. Love them.

How many fricking bricks do you actually need to empty out all over the floor? The mess is unbelievable.

Adorable – he’s so protective over his creations. It’s teaching him to be proud of his things.


Deep breaths. I’m going to kill myself if I hear the sound of that entire Lego box crashing out on the floor one more time.


SO MUCH LOVE for this boy.
He’s sitting and reading the instructions! Totally engrossed. It’s so good for his concentration span.

SO MUCH HATE for Lego.
Sob – he’s created an ice rink out of the leaflets on the floor and I’ve now stepped on bricks AND nearly slipped over them with the baby.


He’s so happy! It’s all he talks about. And all he wants to play with. He’s rooting through the entire box searching for one teeny piece. The drive! The commitment!

Little P, NO!  She is likely to choke by merely looking at that amount of Lego. What’s wrong with Duplo?! What the hell am I going to do when she’s crawling?


Sigh. How much Lego does a three and half year old actually need anyway?!

Father Christmas better get this memo.

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  1. justsayingmum

    Oh this is so so funny I’m actually crying – the ice rink from the leaflets – oh this made me laugh out loud so much – been there my lovely!! Just brilliant and inspired! xx #DreamTeam

    • kimberly

      Thanks so much! I didn’t really mean it to be funny – it is genuinely what goes in my head on a daily basis- so that’s so nice to hear!!?

  2. Emma Island Living 365

    hahaha, the sound of the lego box being emptied *shudders*. It also gets everywhere! I am always sitting and stepping on it! I feel your pain! #dreamteam

  3. Tracey @ Mummyshire

    Oh yes, this is so my household at the moment and we’re a few years older than your 3yo so have acquired a few more year’s worth of Lego!
    I’m not sure how much Lego is enough…

  4. 3kidsnosleep

    So true and very funny. I love and hate it too. My kids will never play it alone, I always have to help. #TheList x

  5. Elizabeth

    This is so funny and so true 🙂 i’m sure that stuff is smaller now than when I was a kid. So ridiculously painful to tread on.

  6. google

    lolz, been there, thought that and felt that pain!

  7. OneDadOneBlog

    HaHa, an honest post about your love/hate relationship there Kimberly. In your boys (and Dad’s) defence, its “imperative” to spread out all the pieces on the floor. Its a hidden rule of LEGO that this is a required element.

    We do have a strange contraption (think low level paddling pool without the air blown into it) which you can lay on the floor and tip all the onto so it keeps (majority) within the circle. Afterwards it has draw strings so rather than having to clear up, you pull the strings and it creates a net like function to gather them in and then tip straight back into there boxes. Its saved Mrs F’s feet on numerous occasions I’m sure 🙂

    Thanks for joining in with the first #TheLEGOLinky too

    Jim (OneDadOneBlog)

    • kimberly

      This. Sounds. Amazing! Off to look it up now! X

  8. Laura

    Love this 🙂


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