Why I haven’t missed my 4 year old.

Wed 26 Jul 17 | Mummy Stuff | 4 comments

Yesterday, whilst hanging washing out in complete blissful silence, bar the wind breezing a breeze and the birds tweeting (not on twitter), it hit me that I hadn’t been missing my 4 year old.


Is there something wrong with me?!

He’s been staying at his Grandma and Pops’ house for the last 4 days as we commence our first ever Massively Fun Big Summer Holiday Childcare Juggle, and he’s due back this evening in his PJs, probably asleep from the car journey.

I’m definitely looking forward to a little squish and a big snuggle as I tuck him into bed.

But the fact remains, I haven’t consciously missed him. You know, thought longingly about him and really wished he were here. Does that sound cold-hearted and mean? Does it make me a bad Mum? There’s no guilt creeping into my Mummy psyche so I don’t thiiiink so. But now that I’ve realised it, I’ve been asking myself why not.

Why I’m not gushing about how hard it’s been without him for this long and how desperate I am to have him back? Admittedly, I’ve had a bunch of WhatsApp pics, I’ve still had a one year old to parent and I’ve been the busiest I think I’ve ever been in my entire working life, but isn’t it a bit weird I feel like this?

A big fat no is what I’ve decided. And here are some reasons why:


I know that he is having a whale of a time at his grandparents’. They’ve done a really fun outing every single day AND have eaten ice-cream waaaay more than he would at home (there is photographic evidence Grandma, I know this to be true!)

He gets one-to-two time with two of his most adoring fans.

I can guarantee they never shout ‘I SAID WAIT A MINUTE!’ once, let alone 50 times a day.

My ears have been enjoying a chill by the pool and are now well rested from the constant aural assault of an incredibly chatty and attention demanding little person

His little sister has enjoyed ALL the attention at home and has really benefitted having some dedicated time with Mummy and Daddy or Nanny and Grandad. “Yes little P, you can read a whole story with me for once! And play with your brother’s Ferrari as much as you like! Mess up his room – hell yeah! Knock yourself out chica.”

We definitely forgot to miss him the night we were totally child-free & had dinner OUT at ermmm, what do you call it again? Ah yes a restaurant. (Despite me getting over a tummy bug. No way was I missing that.)

Getting just the one child ready in the morning is an absolute dream nowadays it appears.

Parents need a blimin’ break too, so I just forgot OK?


So all good. I don’t feel guilty. I haven’t missed him because I’m a normal human who needed a break and I know he’s been having an amazing time. We’ve both had a holiday from each other; his involving far more fun and ice cream than mine irritatingly. But now my tolerance batteries are fully charged, I’m ready to have my chatty boy back and for Massively Fun Big Summer Holiday Childcare Juggle part two.

How long do you reckon til those batteries drain down again?!



  1. pamsbakeandbabyblog

    We went abroad for a wedding last year leaving my 2 and a half year old and 6 month old for 4 nights! I got weepy once (after wine) when we saw other families and i thought how much the kids would have enjoyed it. But they were with their grandparents and exactly like u said i didnt conciously miss them the whole time we were away! We are set to bugger off again this november for a city beeak for 4 nights in Rome! Parents definitely need a break! Great to see a different perfwctive for a change! X

    • Kimberly

      It’s so healthy. Holidays for all and more patience all round! X

  2. Layla

    Wow I sure hope he doesn’t read this one day 🙁

    • Kimberly

      Hi Layla, I’m sure he might – but I think he’ll also remember how happy (and more patient!) I always am to see him when he comes home.



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