How to do just ONE thing at once – and fail.

Sun 20 Aug 17 | Lifestylish | 0 comments

Multi-tasking is so last season. It’s all about doing one thing at once, I’ve decided.

I was drying my hair, with my head tipped upside down (it’s the only thing I know how to do that makes my hair look half decent – NO idea how to use a rolly brush). I had a headful of work and I was mentally making a to-do list, my bedroom was full of increasingly ratty small humans clammering for breakfast and throttling each other on the floor, and I was using my phone on the bed posting an instagram pic one-handed as I dried away with the other. (Couldn’t do that whilst using a rolly brush could you. Ha. Take that, proper hair stylists.)

But then I stopped. And thought – what on earth am I doing?

Too much, is the answer.

There’s a serious case of multiple screen-itis, and there’s doing too much of everything.

I know, everyone’s busy. But lately, with the launch of my new company, finishing off my old job, keeping the blog going (some exciting things coming up!) and the monsters to keep happy, it’s been a tad more full-on that normal.

Multi-tasking is very honourable. And actually compulsory I’d say for most of us to get shit done. I’m still going to have to juggle many things most of the day, but my world must have gone mad when it’s nigh-on impossible to do a single task without feeling I’m behind with things or I should also be doing something else. Right?

Who’s guilty of the following? 


Tweeting / messaging whilst walking along the road.


Watching TV whilst looking at your phone.


Cooking, playing Top Trumps and keeping an eye on an open laptop.


Having a wee and replying to messages from 3 days ago.


Talking on the phone whilst hovering under a child on a playframe.


Eating dinner on hold on speakerphone to the bank.


Cleaning teeth whilst also folding washing.


The only time I do one thing at once is now, writing this post and sleeping. Oh, and for 15 minutes today when we watched Toy Story, which had just started on telly (real, watching-at-the-time telly – madness!), my phone was not at my fingertips and little P was snuggled into me on the sofa. That was nice. Really nice actually.

Isn’t that sad? Realising that just sitting watching TV with my children, with nothing else to look at and nothing else to do urgently was amazing.

So I’m going to try slowing down. Do one thing at a time, and do that one thing well.

As long as it’s not using a rolly brush, I’ll never be able to do that.


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