Happy Birthday to meeeeee

Sat 8 Oct 16 | Lifestylish | 6 comments

So it’s my birthday about now…

I think I can still say I’m in my mid thirties… *pulls eeek face.*

I think I can say I’ve achieved a fair amount.

I know I’m a very lucky person to have all that I have.

I think I could do with a lie-in though.

Up until now, I’ve always felt a teensy bit smug that I haven’t really looked my age. I was the young one at uni (I was 18 in Freshers week… I know!). I was sometimes mistaken as the researcher on a work shoot when I was actually directing, and I was ID’ed getting wine in Sainsbury’s as recently as a couple of years ago (albeit by a doddery old fella whose bottle bottomed glasses clearly weren’t quite thick enough).

But suddenly, the crow’s feet and ‘laughter lines’ have appeared. The fact I even know this vocab must mean I’m old right? It’s always in photos I notice it though, not in the mirror. Although I have to admit I don’t look at my reflection too closely these days. As if there’s time anyway!

Ooh I just had a thought. Maybe it’s more noticeable in pictures because I’m generally snapped with the small peeps and the skin difference is glaringly obvious with their perfect pink faces? Also, I’m always grinning as they make me laugh so much – so the eye wrinkles are more prevalent.

Note to self: Have less photos with the littlies. And smile less.

Blue Steel then?

Hmmmm. Not very me. I think it’s time to embrace the fact I’m heading towards the big 4-0, and finally catching up with my other ancient chums. Maybe it’ll be cooler to like Britney and S Club as an old fart anyway. I can claim it’s my retro taste. It certainly wasn’t cool at the time…

Off to finally invest in some expensive eye cream. Better late than never, hey?

Kimberly x



The Pramshed


  1. Samsam - Simply A Mama

    Happy birthday, the best kind of wrinkles are laughter lines because it shows that you’re happy or at least that’s what I tell myself..lol #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. oddhogg

    It was my birthday on the 7th, my name is Kimberly and I also was the young one at uni (17 for half of the first semester!)……. I’m confused as to whether it was actually me who wrote this post!? I’ve started to notice a few laughter lines too. Not ideal! U have persuaded a few nephews I just turned 23 though 😉

    • oddhogg

      Forgot to add #fortheloveofblog

  3. Fridgesays

    Grow old with grace and embrace! It will save you a fortune on cream and be way more enjoyable #fortheloveofblog

  4. themotherhub

    im the same – im 37 now but always looked really young for my age – not any more – those grey hairs and wrinkles are coming thick and fast. i dont mind too much..rather that than get the weird shiny plastic face look all the slebs have #fortheloveofblog

  5. The Pramshed

    Happy Birthday lovely! Don’t worry about your age, and you look really young in the picture. I recently got ID in Sainsburys too I had to laugh when I said I was 33, and he said I didn’t look it. What matters is that we feel young at heart, there’s always creams etc for lines. Hope you had a lovely birthday and thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x



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