Go Go… Go Go… Grown-Up Jetters!

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This morning I tweeted the fact that I sang the CBeebies Go Jetters theme tune for the entire length of my shower, without realising until afterwards. That is, all 3 minutes and 45 seconds of my shower – I have two small people after all.

I mean, I do have a lot of funny telly stuff in my head. But the Go Jetters, yes a pre-schoolers’ series, has really got me hooked.

For any of you not yet subjected to morning telly other than BBC Breakfast (those were the days…) at 08.05 we have to turn over to four brightly suited animated heroes and a unicorn (yeah I know, but he’s a he and he’s seriously funky) who jet off  in their round the world to save famous landmarks from being ruined, or ‘glitched’ by Grandmaster Glitch.

Ridiculous, but awesome. ‘Geographic’! as Lars might say…

Have I lost you already?

It may be sad but I know ALL the words to the theme tune. Pretty normal I suppose if you listen to a cleverly composed children’s song every morning for weeks. But I’m getting pretty geeky about it. I know what each character’s little catchphrase is – ‘not cool’! What their dance move before the leap into the air thing is. What all the cool ‘click-ons’ are. And most of all, I LOVE Disco Donkey and his Funky Facts. I mean, Ubercorn. (Yeah not ‘unicorn’ said with a cold, which is what I thought they were all saying for a few eps.)  I really, REALLY want to buy the toy Ubercorn (vid of him in action on my Facebook page) – for myself, you understand, not for my 3 year old…


I’ve been tweeting Tommie Earl Jenkins, the voice of Ubercorn for ages now and he’s hilarious – he always stays in disco ball dancing character. I want to be his actual friend…

Sigh. Is it time to attend a Go Jetter Fans Anonymous meet?!

You might think so. However, after my shower inspired tweet this morning, a crazy number of other alleged grown-ups tweeted back with their own confession of Go Jetters lurve. One friend set up a voting poll to see whether it was ok to have an adult unicorn Trunki for hand luggage in honour of Ubercorn. As of this moment it’s 60% yes! I vote CBeebies manufacture a proper Ubercorn one like the Gruffalo version. I’d deffo buy it.

I’ve always loved CBeebies – it makes me feel far less guilty about screen time than any other channel – but this series in particular rocks. Today I learnt about a big pink salty lake in Senegal that is definitely not a strawberry milkshake… I mean where else would I learn this all-important life stuff?! As Maths fan Foz would say… Geography inspired kids’ cartoon plus super cool disco donkey equals learning fun for everyone!


(Shoot me now.)

Disclaimer: These opinions are all my own and although I work in TV, I have nothing to do with the production of Go Jetters. These pics are all found on the CBeebies website… hope that’s ok nice people at the BBC!




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