Dream big, little one: When did you give up what you love?

Wed 28 Jun 17 | Lifestylish | 6 comments

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

I wanted to be a dancer in the West End. Or a Blue Peter presenter. And I was quite adamant I’d be one of those two things. Neither panned out exactly…

Do you remember your childhood ambition? I’ll bet there were no limits. Astronaut, teacher, actor, diver, footballer, drummer, singer – whatever it was, I bet no one ever told you you couldn’t make it.

So when do we let go of our dreams?

I can’t say I’ve done too badly with mine – I work in TV, and although I decided I wanted to be behind the camera, not in front, I really enjoy what I do. I still dance, taking regular ballet and street dance classes until recently – and although I never did dance on the West End Stage I did my fair amount of performances on local ones. And loved every second..

But I have got to wondering whether there’s an exact point in time we all decide our sights are set too high. Is it around the time we get really self conscious? Or clubs get too competitive and we realise we’re not the best? Or does someone tell us we’re not good enough and we lose all confidence?

Or does life just get in the way of what we really want to do. And is that ok?

I remember a conversation with M just recently. He was in a really lovely, excitable mood – we can’t have been getting dressed or leaving somewhere fun as he’s recently told me those two things are ‘the worsest’ things – and out of nowhere he pipes up:

“Mummy, when I grow up, I want to do EVERYTHING!”

“Wow that’s a big thing to say. What do you mean, everything?”

[puts on cute ‘list voice’ which goes up at the end of each point] “I want to stay up all night, watch all the TV, be a racing driver, be 17, go to Legoland, go to school, have a Mustang, have an Aston…” (excellent ambition)

The beautiful innocence of his big eyed wonder at the world and its endless possibilities choked me up a bit. All the same time thinking – please God don’t grow up too quick. Internal wail.

“That’s brilliant, M. And when you’re bigger, I reckon you can do all those things. You just need to work hard and dream big!” I test out with my not-quite-ready-for-this-chat brave and encouraging Mummy voice.

I really do hope he’s the next Lewis Hamilton. I really do hope he goes to Legoland whenever he wants and can buy himself an Aston and a Mustang. Hell – he’s welcome  try and stay up all night watching telly if he likes. But I fear these may be childhood fantasies that won’t play out when the bubble of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES and REAL LIFE  pops. 

I just hope that everything he’s into now shapes the choices he make when he’s older. It certainly did for me. (And we do try to pick carefully and limit them but jeeeez the whole kids’ hobby malarky is expensive and weekend-consuming – so it may as well count!)

Just do me a favour and ask yourself why you gave up on your childhood dream? And could you do something that would at least give a nod to what you used to love? 

Hmm. Off to investigate whether the Blue Peter presenter team has an age limit…

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  1. Plutonium Sox Blog (@PlutoniumSox)

    Oh, if you get to be a blue peter presenter, can I come too? I never really grew out of that idea either. Pretty sure I’d be amazing at it. Ok I’d be crap but I’d be happy.

    • Kimberly

      Crap but happy is just about right. Can we we crap together? Let’s audition as the crap BP presenter team x

  2. Dad Without A Map

    I’m still hoping to fulfil my childhood dream of writing a novel. For now I’m blogging! We’re going to encourage our boys to dream big and as they get older use gentle reminders that they need to work to achieve their dreams. I think you are right that somewhere along the road messages about not reaching for the stars start to be drip fed to us. It might be a teacher (who is in the wrong job) or friends or broader social influences. But I do think it’s odd how we start off filling our kids’ heads with dreams and then at some point say ‘Oh sorry, all that stuff about being anything you want to be? That was bullshit. Welcome to the real world. Here’s your dull job’! You only get one life (as far as I know) so best live it to the full.

    • Kimberly

      Just this morning M said he was going to be a racing driver again, and I said ‘well you’d better do well in maths at school as you have to know all your stats and understand aerodynamics at the wheel!’ I think somehow lots of people just end up stuck in a rut and forget they can still achieve their dreams! Thanks for reading, appreciate your comment ☺️

  3. Lucy At Home

    LOVE this post so much! My dream was to write music for the Disney films! I never got there but I did write 6 kids’ musicals which have been performed by a few local schools. These days, I write songs but nobody ever hears them apart from hubby. I keep thinking I should start vlogging them or something but that feels really scary! Maybe one day…

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #blogcrush linky. Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge πŸ™‚ #blogcrush

    • Kimberly

      Did you just say 6 musicals?! Amazing lady! Thanks for the love xx


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