Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Thu 8 Sep 16 | Mummy Stuff | 1 comment

All together now:

Laaaa la la la de-dah, dah de dah de dah-dee-dahhh (don’t worry)

Dah de dah de dah dee dahhh (be happy)

Dah de dah de dahh. Etc

Worrying. Mums seem to do a lot of this. I aim to bring out National STOP WORRYING day. If we’re not worrying about our kids faceplanting into the patio, we’re worrying about what they’re eating (or not), whether they’ve had their nap at the right time (they haven’t), or whether we’re teaching them enough (does a CBeebies-athon count?).

I was chatting to a random, lovely Mum at the swimming pool today and despite being a complete stranger she told me that she was worried her daughter wasn’t speaking much yet at 2 and a half. Said daughter was really cute and trying to stroke M’s arm to his obvious disgust (he was concentrating on his mini Cheddars and isn’t particularly tactile at the best of times). Mum had an accent and I asked if she was learning two languages at home. Yep – she is Thai and handling English and Thai at the same time… I’m no expert of course but surely that’s why it’s taking her a little longer to find her tongue? She’s learning double the vocab and grammar – pretty amazing. But the point being, a totally random Mother felt compelled to tell me within minutes of chatting that she was scared there was something wrong with her daughter. Perhaps she felt self-conscious as M didn’t seem much older and was chatting away through cheesy mouthfuls, but it made me feel like Mums everywhere just need to give themselves a break. Constantly comparing & fretting – can’t be good for you can it? Easier said than done I know, but that little lady is going to be bilingual before she goes to school, and that’s cooler than being able to recite every minute detail of a visit to the Haynes Car Museum aged 3 isn’t it? In just one language.

Positivity and patience to you nice Thai mummy! And all Mummies out there who are doubting themselves. You’re doing a great job so give yourselves a National Stop Worrying Day badge on me. And give them chips for tea.

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