Conversations with a 3 year old: Cars & the Law

Wed 14 Dec 16 | Just for Fun | 23 comments


I realise this is NOT an Aston, but this is the car geek in his element.

We’re in the car. M wants to catch up with the car in front for a closer look – he’s spotted an Aston Martin.

M: “Mummy, go faster. I think that’s a DB7.” (car geek post yet to come)

Me: “I can’t catch up with the Aston, M. Two reasons. One, we’re in a T reg Ford Focus. Two, we can’t go faster or we’ll be breaking the law.” I’m such a responsible citizen.

M: (very disgruntled) “Ohhhhh.” (you know – the stroppy one that goes dowwwn and uppp at the end). Pause. “But Mummy, what’s the law?”

Me: “Hmm.” (Turn on remembering hard in-head device for this strand of blog.) “You know what rules are? Like when Mummy says you can’t get down from the table until you’ve put your cutlery together and said thank you? And you have to wash your hands after going to the toilet? They’re both rules.”

M: “Mummy, that’s too many words.”

Me: “OK, I’m getting there. Well, the law means rules. For grown-ups. Kind of.” (?)

M: “Mummy, in Paw Patrol, Chase says ‘these paws hold the law’.”

Me: “Ah, well that’s a really good example. Chase is a police pup isn’t he?”

M: “Yeah. He has a police car. But he’s not silly like Marshall.”

Me: “Thanks for the detail. But Paw Patrol brings me neatly onto my next point. If you break the law, it’s the police’s job to catch you.”

M: “Does the law need fixing?” (Brilliant. The logic of a child’s brain.)

Me: “No – break the law means you’re naughty and you don’t do what the law says you have to do. That’s why the police need to catch the people who break the law and put them in prison.”

M: “Like in Lego City?” (now very concerned about how much screen-time he’s had of late.)

Me: “Erm yes. Just like that.”

M: “Mummy can I watch Lego City when we get home?”

Me: “No.”

M: “Paw Patrol?”

Me: Sigh. “We’ll see.” (i.e. yes.)

Well, that’s what ‘we’ll see’ means really isn’t it? Except you can’t be arsed to argue…

Hot Pink Wellingtons
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  1. Twin Pickle

    I love that everything can be explained in Paw Patrol and Lego City terms, my daughter does exactly the same! #SharingtheBlogLove

    • kimberly

      It’s all just so relevant. That’s what we need to be telling ourselves ?x

  2. Kerry

    Kids are amazing aren’t they, everything is taken so literally! Luckily this makes them easily to bribe though! ? #PoCoLo

  3. Jane Taylor

    Aw, that’s why blogs are great. You can capture these moments and funny conversations rather than forget them (like I usually do)! Kids are funny! #PoCoLo

    • kimberly

      I know – blogs are perfect you document this cute stuff! X

  4. Lucy At Home

    Hehe so funny. I love these sorts of posts. In our family, rather than Paw Patrol, it’s Disney films that everything relates back to. #PoCoLo

  5. thesmallestofthings2016

    I love posts like this! I’d love to bottle up half the things my toddler says! 🙂


  6. Laura (@dearbearandbean)

    I’m having some of the best conversations with Alice at the moment. Literally everything she wants to know more about. Thank goodness when we can reference something they know and understand. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  7. jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I think “we’ll see” really means “I hope you forget about this”. My daughter is always yelling at me that we are being passed and I need to go faster #pocolo

  8. Emma T

    Love conversations with kids. They’re always so random. N loves paw patrol too. (We’ll see in our house usually means no, because he’s always forgotten by the time we get home) #sharingthebloglove.

  9. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    I love how literally kids take things sometimes! My two year old is always telling me to “Go faster Mummy” too! It doesn’t go down well when I tell him we’re stuck in a traffic jam / at a red light… Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  10. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    Toddler logic rocks. Well to toddlers anyway :0 Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo and hope to see you there again next year! Have a fab 2017! (eek)

  11. Morgan Prince

    I love toddler logic. It’s just so funny and yet you completely understand where they’re coming from! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Thanks for linking to #pocolo, hope to see you linking in 2017.

    • kimberly

      See you again for sure! X

  12. mummymiller

    Brilliant, I have got this all to come! I’m sure I will have a little car geek on my hands as well! #SharingtheBlogLove

  13. susielhawes

    Aw how cute, I can’t wait for this stage! Kids say the funniest things. Love the literal thinking too! Break = fix! #SharingtheBlogLove

  14. Selena, The Rambler

    Hahaha…loved my conversations with my kid when she was that little. Great post =) And something you can come back to later on when he’s old enough and laugh about it. #SharingTheBlogLove

    • kimberly

      Exactly. And massively take the mick! 😉 x

  15. tootingmama

    You’ve got to love kid logic! For me it’s maybe which means yes and in my case – defeat! #SharingtheBlogLove


    Haha this is great, we also explain things like this! Love conversations with young kids XD #sharingthebloglove

  17. Mary Peterson (@carolinatwinmom)

    I would almost *swear* that I was in your car when this conversation was going on! It’s that crystal clear in my head. 🙂

    I love how literal little ones are. I often have to stop myself from using certain expressions when I think of how my kids won’t have the faintest idea what I’m talking about!

    (Oh, and I’m convinced that their Kindles are sopping every brain cell up. Something must be done. OK, I know I’m not REALLY going to do anything!

    Funny stuff!

  18. The UnNatural Mother

    I have a 4 yr old and if i can get more than a minutes conversation out of him it’s a miracle #sharingthebloglove


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