Conversations with a 3 year old: dinosaurs and war.

Thu 17 Nov 16 | Just for Fun | 2 comments

I’ll set the scene.

It was a breezy, bracing Autumnal day, and the three of us were wrapped up all toastie and warm, enjoying the beautiful coppery scenery on a buggy walk/balance bike outing in our local park.

Out of nowhere, M pipes up.

M: “Mummy, a long, long time ago, when the dinosaurs were here, there was a war.”

Me: “Oh, ok. Random! Who was in the war?”

M: “It was the dinosaurs. And the police. The dinosaurs were the bad guys and the police were the good guys and the police caught the bad guys and put them in prison.” (read: words that now feature in my life)

Me: “Wow. How did the police catch them?”

M: “They winned the war because they were the fastest. They had all the speed and put all the bad guys in the prison quickest. That was when the dinosaurs were alive.”

I went on the explain that there weren’t actually police in the days of the dinosaurs as there were no humans back then (spoilsport) but I think that was lost on him. Bearing in mind in his world, 5 minutes ago could be the same thing as 50 million years ago I’m not surprised.

Sounds like a cool premise to a new Disney Pixar movie though, right?


  1. Sunita

    Poor dinosaurs. That’s why they’re all extinct. Does M have a theory about the Mauritian Dodo by any chance? Looking forward to the next magic moment. And why is it that kids their age know so much about going to prison??!!!

    • kimberly

      I have no idea about the prison thing! Well, actually I do. I blame the Lego Movie thingy he watches on Netflix sometimes where some Lego prisoners escape (down the toilet – when he laughs himself silly every time)…
      I’ll check with him about the Mauritian Dodo, will report back x


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