Conversations with a 3 year old: Mummy or Woman?

Fri 4 Nov 16 | Just for Fun | 3 comments

One of the reasons I first started blogging was as a way to remember those magic parenting moments that will escape forever if I don’t write them down. The funny stuff, amazing things and even the tough bits.

I thought I’d start a weekly series of the things my little boy has said that has made me chuckle. I don’t want to forget how comedy he is right now, and also how interested he is in understanding everything around him.

This week’s highlight…

I was leaving the house, in skinny jeans and my recently dug out of the wardrobe winter boots, with no baby gear as Mr MM was all over it and had already packed the car (ex-military, what can I say).

M was outside waiting by the gate.

M: “Mummy. You look like a woman.”

Me: “Erm, that’s because I am.”

M: “But you’re a Mummy.”

Me: “Yes, but all Mummies are women. I am a woman and I’m your Mummy.”

M: “No, you’re not. You’re just my Mummy!”

Me: “Did you say i looked like a woman because wasn’t carrying Little P, or the change bag, or wearing my normal old jeans and trainers sweetie?”

M: “No, because womans are old.”

Me: “Are you saying I look old today?”

M: “Yes.” Pause. “Mummy are you 12?”

Love him. After my recent birthday moan, I still haven’t looked into that eye cream though… No excuse now!

Mad About Kids


  1. Sunita

    This is such a cool idea! Our threenager S come it with some classics don’t they? One day M will realise his Mummy is lots of other things too! xx See you soon lovely. Sunita

  2. PopsBooMum

    I just love the things they come out with at that age. Please check out my pinned facebook post on my page Mad About Kids, i’m looking to start a regular round up of Kids Say The Funniest Things 🙂

  3. ohjustmylittleblog

    I keep meaning to write down all of the things my reception class say, they have me in stiches everyday! x


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