Can Firezza please a pizza hater?

Thu 23 Feb 17 | Reviews | 2 comments

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like pizza? Nope. Didn’t think so.


Enter me. (Downstage left).

That was true until a couple of years ago anyway. It was tricky – as a child I used to go round to friends’ houses and pretend not to be hungry, as I was embarrassed. Not very nice, when of course I was starving.

You see, the main ingredients involved cheese and tomato, neither of which I liked. I know – freak! I wouldn’t blame you if you unfriended me now, unfollowed, unsubscribed. (small voice and big eyes *please don’t?*).

But along came better a slightly better budget than greasy student filth, some more normal adventurous taste buds and the discovery that pizzas can come with bucket loads of meat on. Pretty much only Pizza Express though, not takeaways still. No no no.

So when the nice lady at Firezza got in touch and asked if I’d like to try some ‘proper’ pizza at home, I thought I’d give it a try. My husband would’ve killed me if I had said no anyway. But this blog is mainly read by parents, I said, so the little people need to try it too, not just us greedy pigs on a Friday night, ok? See – I’m committed to the Media Mummy ‘brand’ 😉

Ring ring. Lots of pizza for the children (and us) please then, nice Firezza lady! Thank you please.

Firezza pride themselves on making authentic Italian pizza – ‘proper’ pizza. Fire-baked at 400C with the freshest of ingredients, like in the backstreets of Naples, so they say. Good good, as I couldn’t bear mine to be baked at 397C in the backstreets of Staines.

You know what everyone loved most when the pizza turned up? Spoiler alert… They were square! Sounds silly, but it really made us ‘oooh’.

We went for a mixture of pizzas – the children tucked into Margheritas and the Piccante with sausage and pepperoni which was a little too spicy for my three year old’s taste buds, but I thought had a nice little kick. Even the baby had a little bit, oops. Second child, and all that.

My absolute favourite was the Tutta Bufala with buffalo mozzarella and buffalo salami, but the chicken Pollo Piccante went down well too. Toppings aside, I’m a big fan of the crispy fire-baked bases – anything thick, greasy and doughy makes me want to heave with memories of university 3am munchies and hangover association, when I was probably still pretending I liked pizza anyway. Bleurgh.



I’d highly recommend sneaking a Tiramisu in the order too, as it was really delicious for a take-away pud. You’re already scoffing pizza, so what’s another few (hundred) calories?!

Fair play to Firezza for converting this ex pizza-hater and takeaway-phobe. I will however be sending them a bill to cover my extra exercise classes. And if you meet anyone else who doesn’t like pizza (unlikely), point them in Firezza’s direction.


Firezza is a restaurant in rather posh parts of London and the South East (with a random branch down in Exeter!). Thanks to the Staines branch for our free pizzas in exchange for an honest review. 



  1. Peter

    Pizza looks delicious and seems like the kids enjoyed themselves. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • kimberly

      You’re welcome. Love a local recommend!


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