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This may not be the sexiest post, but I felt like sharing some of the things around our home that I feel have made jobs around the house easier, better or more fun. OK, not more fun, but definitely the first two.

Little Hoover
Amazing for a quick hoover up round the kitchen table after a messy dinner. You can leave the heavy one in the cupboard and keep this to hand. Even sucks up the crumbs from surfaces before wiping, so you don’t have to do that gross bits-in-jay-cloth-collecting thing. Ours is a little £25 Black and Decker.


Silicone trays
Weaning Little P was a messy, tricky ‘mare before I laid my hands on these. Quick to freeze and a cinch to pop out. Saves stabbing yourself in the hand trying to prise food out of plastic ice cube trays with a knife.
Ours are Annabel Karmel by NUK ones.

Bedside table crates
These were such a great find from Crates 4 You – our bedroom is in the loft space and our tables stand in front of eaves doors which we often need access to. The casters on these crates make them easily moveable, and I think look cool too. Love the industrial look and whitewash finish.


Pull-out bin
We’ve previously had the stand alone bins which often get in the way and get particularly skanky lids. You need a separate recycling bin too these days, so stuff would just accumulate nearby or in a smaller bin which would end up overflowing. We sacrificed a cupboard – but I wouldn’t do without this brilliant bin now, with separate sections for normal rubbish and recycling. Sad, but incredibly useful and tidy.

Hooks for bags
A tiny addition that has really cleared up our hallway. We’ve fitted them into a really tiny space – and prevents cluttering up the space as soon as you walk in.

Milton sterilising tablets
We ditched our electric steamer in favour of these. So easy – you just wash up your bottles, and dunk them in a big pot of water with one of these in. Hey presto – sterile for 24 hours in just 15 mins. And no need to store your bottles anywhere, or have them clutter up your draining board – you just fish them out when you need them and don’t even need to rinse. Old school, but why complicate things? You can get them from Boots for £1.01 for 28!


Sink Caddy
Another seemingly ridiculous thing to be writing about, but this Joseph Joseph invention has sorted out our scrubbers, brushes and cloths no end! Keeps them in tip top nick, out of the sink grime and looks (kinda) cool too.


I almost hate myself for writing this potentially very boring post, but I’ve really enjoyed it! Oh dear. Clearly, I need to get out more. Hope it was helpful…

Kimberly x

My Petit Canard


  1. Sunita

    Ha ha this is a good one! I love boring but very practical things too, especially hooks and small storage containers for shelves! Enjoy all the bits and bobs xx

  2. mummuddlingthrough

    Ooh I love a post like this! I wrote a whole post about my mini Hoover ha ha and i have that exact J J sink caddy! Kindred spirits!

    • kimberly

      We must both have the same amazingly dinner party chat! (What dinner parties?!) x

      • mummuddlingthrough

        Ha ha, the ones consisting of nuggets chips and beans 😉 x

  3. alisonlonghurst

    I love these tips. I could not be without my little hoover and funnily enough, just bought a crate yesterday! It’s these little things that can quite literally transform our lives and that is a very appealing, if not sexy thought! Alison x #MarvMondays

  4. Angela Watling

    Great tips! We have the same sink caddy and also used Milton tablets too because they require so little space and are really portable. In one of my old posts I also harped on about the wonders of a mini hoover – you’re so right they are invaluable with small people around / messy adults like my husband and I! Our coat hooks are incredibly cramped so I’m considering bag hooks now you’ve put the suggestion in my head. #MarvMondays

    • kimberly

      Hi Angela, glad it’s not just me who likes ‘boring’ tips! Can’t tell you how proud I am that my boringness may have inspired someone else’s interior organisation decision! ? thanks for reading x

      • Angela Watling

        Fear not. There is a full community of us boring folks out there! I’ll be mini-hoovering my way through festive period 😉

  5. Back With A Bump

    Im after a handheld Dyson and definitely with you on organisation! Im a tidy freak! Thanks for sharing for #marvmondays

  6. thealohamummy

    Never boring!! Love these types of posts! Currently dreaming up ideas to make my teeny laundry room practical, effective and useful!
    I’d be lost without my miltons sterilising tabs!! A must have! I also have bag hooks- sooo handy!

    • kimberly

      Love the’boring’ support! Thanks x

  7. Sarah | Digital Motherhood

    Great list, have used most of these myself! Must get some hooks for bags, mine are usually lying around all over the place! #marvmondays

  8. First Night Design

    Not boring at all! I’ve just discovered Crates4you and bought four whitewashed ones as bookshelves. Fabulous!

    • kimberly

      Yay! I should def be on commission! Thanks for reading x

      • First Night Design

        Er, sorry to disappoint you but I found them first and came to you via their tweets!!!

        • kimberly

          Ahhhhh ok ok you win ?


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