Baby Gospel: The coolest music class in town?

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I’m at that lovely and tricky stage with Little P at nearly 11 months old where she seems to need entertainment, rather than it being an optional extra in our day. Not that she’s requesting trips to the Science Museum or anything, but if we stay at home all day she gets stir crazy and grumpy. Or just plays the scrape the stool back and forth on the kitchen floor game so much I want to pull my teeth out…

Normally a little jaunt to the swings sorts her out.

But when a message dropped into my inbox to come along to a Baby Gospel class in Balham – run by a little company called Baby Broadway – I was there like a shot. I’ve always loved singing and shows – I’ve danced for most of my life, so I’ve taken both the children to various music groups over the years. Whether it’s been singing along to a tape recorder, a lady with a guitar in a pub, big classes, tiny ones, scarves and parachutes… but never gospel.


Four very smiley and talented singers introduced themselves in the lovely Balham Baptist Church. I loved the housekeeping chat at the start – basically, please join in, sing and clap, enjoy yourselves etc just don’t let the babies on stage in case they eat the cables, and if you throw them, make sure you catch them. Ace.

Cracked on with ‘Ain’t No Mountain’ in perfect harmony with just a piano and I was sold.


It was such a refreshing change to the normal Wheel on the Bus fare at the library. Less hand actions, mind, but you can still freestyle some mountains and rivers and valleys instead of wipers can’t you?

Little P is not in the market for sitting still these days so thank goodness it was all very laid back, with toddlers dancing about and space at the front for crawlers to cause chaos. P was determined to get up the two steps to the stage to eat an aforementioned cable so I spent most of my time keeping an eagle eye and dragging her back…


Lots of lovely fellow parents were dealing with their own hungry/tired/over enthusiastic little people but no one cared about a bit of screeching with such uplifting music and join-in-able songs.

A highlight for me was one of the singers grabbing a baby shaker to use up against the mic, donated by an enviably well prepared Mum who had stuck some rice in a travel shampoo bottle for the change bag (totally nicking that idea!). I also loved the gospel version of ‘Hey Diddly Diddle’ they somehow pulled off, and ‘Make You Feel my Love’ always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, apparently even with a baby pulling my hair so hard she got a fistful.


It was brilliant to experience such entertainment and raw talent midweek whilst in charge of a small person. Although I would’ve happily gone without her… and you can’t say that for RhymeTime at the library can you?

We enjoyed complementary tickets from the team at Baby Broadway in exchange for an honest review and some loud singing. Baby Broadway and Baby Gospel run in London and the Home Counties – dates can be found on their website 

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