An Ode to Stain Remover

Wed 21 Sep 16 | Just for Fun | 3 comments

Vanish bar I love you
Vanish bar I do
You get the sick off babygros
And even ingrained poo

The other stuff is squirty
Or granules in the wash
But the magic bar of vanish really
Is the stuff of Gods

Orange food, bloody nose
Jam and cake and shite
How on earth did that get there?
That bloody brown Marmite

But fear no more white T-shirts
Or pretty pink pyjamas
This old school bar of miracle
Will stop your stainy dramas

The crazy thing is mums don’t know
This weapon of the wash
The military use it
So it really isn’t tosh

Get online as silly shops
Don’t sell it anymore
At least I haven’t found it
If you do please share the store!


My half used, linty but well-loved bar. 

Please note: I was not sponsored by Vanish to write this. I just bloody love the stuff.

The Pramshed


  1. Rhyming with Wine

    Haha this brilliant. I’m now on a mission to find a bar of the wonder stuff! Goodness knows we need it in our house! ? Dawn x

  2. Topfivemum

    Haha love your poem! I haven’t tried the soap but it is a miracle worker isn’t it? I have two under two and often end up with explosive nappies from my 5 month old and couldn’t love without it. #fortheloveofblog



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