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Who is Media Mummy ?

Who indeed am I? This Media Mummy lady?

Well, I’m Kimberly (never Kim – don’t call me that or my Mum will hunt you down). I live in Surrey, work in London and I’m Mummy to two hilarious small people born in 2013 and 2016. You do the maths.

I make TV – not dramas, not TOWIE but the real life stuff. If you watch any actual telly on the telly, that is. I’m just as addicted to Netflix as the next person. (And no, TOWIE does not count as real life.)

I started writing this blog in the early days of my second maternity leave with a very unhappy baby. My creative, storytelling side screamed almost as loudly as she did… So I started writing stuff down, a bit like I was talking to my best mate over a glass of wine (which happened as well, only over the phone with the baby monitor going crazy next to me). Then one day I took a big gulp and pressed ‘publish’ on a pretty rubbish-looking site and boom – my third baby, Media Mummy, arrived a lot more quickly and less painfully than the other two. 

So this blog is mainly about life as a parent, often about random stuff, occasionally witty, normally upbeat, and always inspired by those brilliant and annoying little humans who rule my world and give me so much to shout about – in a good way, and an actual shouty way. Just search ‘short rants’ for those posts.

If you can’t hang about today, here’s a shortcut to some of my most popular posts. But do come back another time, pretty please!


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Kimberly .


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