A TV career collides with Motherhood – how to make the perfect cup of tea.

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Classic runner’s joke in job interview. “I make a mean cup of tea.” Haha! Of course you do. It says it there on your CV.

But little do they know… I was a runner for two years at the beginning of my directing career. I was often complimented on my tea-making skills. And now I’m a Mum of two, currently on maternity leave. And I. Love. Tea.

So here it is – the teabag version. And you’re welcome in advance.

  1. Choose awesome tea. My personal preference is something strong like Yorkshire, Irish Breakfast Tea from T2 or Barry’s (I’m serious, and thanks to my neighbour for introducing me). Ringtons also do an amazing decaff you’d never know lacked the good stuff.
  2. Boil kettle (preferably descaled recently – although you never have that luxury in tv-land)
  3. Pour a little boiling water into cup, swill and discard. Nice hot vessel.
  4. Pour boiling water onto teaspoon (slightly excessive, but a nice touch).
  5. Place tea bag into the bottom of the cup – ready for the water to hit the biggest surface area (geeeeeeek!).
  6. Pour on just boiled water. Stir immediately with hot teaspoon. Take spoon out, ideally with tea bag spinning freely.
  7. Leave for at least a minute, if not two. But keep the teabag moving, or you get that horrid scummy stuff floating on the surface. Caress the tea bag lovingly throughout. This is vital – it gives a real full flavour to the tea.
  8. Squeeze tea bag a couple of times against side of cup and remove.
  9. Add milk to taste and stir very well.
  10. Drink while hot (a challenge with small people, granted).

I quit sugar about a year ago and after an iffy month or two, I am now loving being able to taste the real tea. Persevere and it pays off if you’re thinking of giving up the sweet stuff!

My husband recently bought me a little tea pot for two from Patisserie Valerie – love it but have yet to perfect the quantities and method of loose leaf. I’ll report back of course.

Happy brewing tea lovers!


My new favourite tea. I know! Hilarious.

Cuddle Fairy



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