A short rant about: teething.

Sat 4 Feb 17 | Mummy Stuff | 3 comments

Teething sucks.

Stupid stupid tooth growing.

There are so many annoying things about the process. You don’t really know when it’s happening. It can go on for days, weeks or months. The dribbling is insane. It’s hurting our poor bubba. Sleep is disrupted big time. You can administer Calpol, rub jelly stuff on gums (but then find a blob of it on your finger later), pour granules into their mouth… but really, not a lot helps until the buggers are through.

I know there are a few babies who are actually born with their teeth. Probably looks a bit freaky, and I can’t imagine it’s too much fun to breastfeed a toothy baby from day one. But surely this is a much better system, Mother Nature?!

At nine months, Little P has got her two bottom teeth, and her top two are so painfully close they look like they’re there except for a transparent pink gummy film. She’s been up screaming in the night for a couple of weeks now and won’t nap for longer than twenty minutes in the day – and I put it all down to her poorly little gums giving her jip. The sleep deprivation is brutal.


Every morning I inspect her mouth with a bit of tippy-back-and-giggle play, praying I’ll see the little white grain of rice floating on the gum… but still nope. Off I go to the pharmacy to get ripped off some more by various brands marketing to sleep deprived and pity filled Mums searching for something, anything to try that might soothe little human’s gummy discomfort.

So hear my rant please Mother Nature. Do some evolutiony shit and get those babies to grow their pearly whites in the womb. TA-DAAAA! No pain. No keeping Mummies and Daddies awake at night. Ready to eat a steak baguette at 6 months.

Got it?!

Two Tiny Hands
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  1. twotinyhands

    Ahhhh I feel your pain. The poor little things have so much to deal with. Then the nappy rash and bugs that all get accused of teething too! You rant away!

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  2. Mainy - myrealfairy

    Oh yes, I can sympathise too, there is always something and the teething process can be quite drawn out. The image you paint of a baby coming out with all of their pearly white is making me smile:)

  3. A Mum Track Mind (@amumtrackmind)

    We have five now (we being Sophie – weird saying!) anyway.. she hasn’t had any trouble with any of them yet thankfully but I know those back molars are going to be a right pain! #fortheloveofBLOG


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