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Quiiiiiick. Little P is asleep while I’m out at the shops and scoffing my lunch (very nearly woken up by accidentally parking her buggy under the loudest hand dryer in the world when I went for a wee just now).

Anyway, I’m pretty riled up. I’m not averse to a bit of pink for my small female one but…

It’s been ages since I browsed the shops but the baby is such a happy soul these days I’m not terrifed of a screaming/feeding/overtired hissy fit if I’m out longer than an hour.

(Erm. She’s woken up already and staring at me about to have a hissy fit of course – stupid STUPID me eating lunch first when I wanted to write this post.)

But what has struck me as I’ve been looking round children’s clothes is how unbelievably and unfairly divided the boy and girl sections are. But mainly, how ***PINK*** everything is for girls.

I mean, take a look at this:

Pink. Pink. And more pink.

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious. But why and how has this happened? No wonder girls are demanding to wear flammable princess dresses to parties the moment they can talk. I’m not saying girls shouldn’t wear sparkly pink dresses, and play with pink toys, but why are we brainwashing them (and mums) from age zero? If they naturally choose those things, given a wider choice, great. Crack on. Wave your fairy wand. But I just feel suffocated by pink and have barely bought a thing for Little P as I feel so overwhelmed. And anti-establishment now to be honest.

Little P can wear her big bro’s hand me downs for a bit longer at this rate.

Toys are the next hurdle. At 5 months, she hasn’t needed much, and has been perfectly happy with the few shakey, rattly, chewy bits we had for M. And a nice new MAM teether I reviewed recently. But we’re rapidly approaching the territory of dolls and it terrifies me. I’m not a very girly girl myself. I was a bit of a tom boy as a child – going fishing with Dad, hating make-up and jewellery, crying down the doll aisle in Toys R Us to get to the Pound Puppies (true story – and actually, Toys R Us has now dropped its ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ categories online as its website went gender neutral last year, using age, brands and toy type as filters instead. Awesome.)

Check this out.


Dolls or cars, dolls or cars. With pink unicorns (horses?) as a divider. Help!

But actually this next example is the worst – a pink FLOOR to divide the boy/girl sections? Seriously? M loves this shop (amazing car and Paw Patrol range), but he steers clear of the area marked out for girls as he doesn’t want a toy from that section – “no Mummy, that’s for girls” when I suggest a perfectly gender neutral puzzle or game that happens to have been plonked into the pink bit. We were actually looking for a present for a friend’s little girl, and he kept picking up things that were “pretty” for her.


Deep breaths. Grit teeth. He’s just trying to be sweet.

“That’s nice M, but she doesn’t have to have something that’s pretty. She actually really likes football. How about something to do with that?”. “That’s a good idea Mummy.”

Phew, easily re-focused. It’s at moments like this I feel a huge responsibility for guiding a new small person through life…

Am I over thinking this?










Is this really OK? Blue = GRRRRR I’M A BLOODY BOY AREN’T I, brummm brummm. Pink = ‘Imagine and play’ and dolls. I’m so pretty! Look at all my glittery stuff! Even my poos are pink!


Rant over. All opinions expressed are my own etc etc. *Off to stare at neutral colours and generic animal toys in some nice department store or other.. *





  1. James Hopes

    Yeah it’s incredibly frustrating. Also annoying when the boys’ clothing section has about one row of stuff and the girls’ has about 5 racks!

    • kimberly

      Good point. So much less choice. And you’re stuck if he doesn’t like vehicles of every kind!

  2. Anon

    Umm… those are ponies. My Little Ponies. Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. A show that both boys and girls can watch, that displays strong female role models that aren’t stereotypical!!

  3. Lucy's Locket

    Haha this is great. My daughter is a bit young for this yet, but I’ve had SO many comments about the way I dress her. She wears pink (and other colours) but usually shorts/leggings and tops. I’m often asked when she will wear headbands and dresses. Why does she have to wear dresses!?
    Good save with your son, by the way. Hope his friend liked her present

  4. imatwinmama

    Argh I’ve gotten all angry just reading this! You echo my sentiments exactly. As mama of two girls, I feel a real sense of responsibility to teach my girls that, with hard work and determination, there’s pretty much nothing they can’t achieve. And yet from Day 1, we separate the sexes unnecessarily; what starts as pink/blue becomes dolls vs sports, art vs science, high pay vs less pay. T2 has started to express a love of pink (and yellow) and that’s fine because I’ve deliberately dressed them in all the colours of the rainbow. I also regularly dress them in clothes from the “boys” section, because I usually prefer the colours and the slogans. Why do girls get rubbish like “love” or “princess” while boys get “monster” or “monkey”? From birth, it’s like we’re perpetuating the stereotype: sugar and spice and all things nice. Which is clearly bollocks, because little girls can be little shits! And little boys can be sensitive and empathetic! And of course you never see bloody dinosaurs, cars or diggers on girls clothes because, you know, makeup. Or shoes. Or fairies. Or glitter.

    Rant over. Clothing manufacturers need to SORT IT OUT and let us choose how to dress our kids! Meh.

    • kimberly

      Ooh we need to rant together over coffee or on the phone to the retailers’ head offices! You’ve got me all worked up again! ? thanks for joining in x

  5. oldhouseintheshires

    Soooo with you. It wasn’t quite as bad when mine were tiny….they are teens now but my daughter refused to wear pink aged 9 or so….”but I love green, mummy!” Yes and so do I. Visit http://www.pinkstinks.co.uk
    I went shopping for a friend who was expecting and I wanted to buy something in white or yellow for a new baby…..nothing!! Sooo annoying

    • kimberly

      Thanks so much for your comment – I love Pink Stinks! I’m not against pink at all, but girls deserve the choice, not to be shoehorned into loving it because that’s all there is, and all that others wear.. GRRR! x

      • oldhouseintheshires

        Absolutely! There are lots of sites that sell beautiful children’s clothes that are not all pink or blue. I also hate the gender stereotyped toys -what is that about?? Enjoy your parenting! Love your blog. 🙂

        • kimberly

          Thank you so much ☺️



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