A maternity leave bucket list – before it’s too late!

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Note to self: do more rowing. Nahh – too much like hard work. But this was taken in the Lake District – one of my favourite ever places for peaceful walks (see number 3 below). See? Tying it all together.

Little P is coming up to 5 months old now and I’m half way through my maternity leave. I’m lucky enough to be taking 10 months off work to spend time with her and 3 year old M – but to be brutally honest, I’m only just feeling out of the newborn woods and able to enjoy my time properly with both. So far it’s been a real challenge entertaining a very energetic and attention demanding boy, as well as care for a tiny loud person.

Little P’s first 10 weeks were the hardest 10 weeks of my life I think. Now that I have hindsight and a very happy, chilled out 5 month old I can think back to her newborn period with fresh perspective. I know it sounds ungrateful, but I didn’t love my first few weeks as a Mum of two.

Anyway, I feel like my time off so far has shot by in a flash. Well, a blur really. And suddenly here I am with Autumn upon us and so much I still want to do before my time being a full-time Mummy ends… Here are some of the things I hope I’m going to do before TV-land sucks me back in.

  1. Baby cinema. Up until recently totally unthinkable with Little P as unsettled as she’s been. But now I need to crack on with it before she’s too mobile and unwilling to sit in the same place for any length of time. Bridget Jones anyone?
  2. Photos. Take some better pics with big camera. Print out the nicest ones I already have to update frames and put up new ones. How is there never time to do this? Cooking/feeding/playing Hot Wheels/explosive nappies/swimming lessons seem to bump this one down the priority list every time.
  3. Walks. M has started his new pre-school so with a couple of days of 9-3 to myself, I’d like to go for long, peaceful buggy walks where I don’t have to bare my tonsils and yell STOP! or ROAD! or HILL! to a balance bike-mad boy every 5 seconds. Time to think, enjoy fresh air, scenery, me and P time (if I time it right with food and naps of course…).
  4. Scrapbook for M. I’ve been collecting bits and pieces from days out, events, activities and the like for ages. They’re crammed into a hardback scrapbook with lorries and diggers all over and ready to stick in with his help – a nice idea to keep our memories in one place, I thought. About a year ago. Really must get round to this – how can I not find the time on mat leave when there will be so much less when I’m back to work?!
  5. Cooking. The dinner menu at ours for M has got a bit ropey since his little sister came along. We seem to be stuck in a fishfinger/sausage and mash/pasta pesto rut and it needs to change quick. He’s getting a lot fussier with new things and I’m not surprised when I rarely give him anything new. Must try harder and involve him too. Any suggestions welcome!
  6. Stop feeling guilty about doing nothing. Sometimes the simplest and best things in life are free – and being at home just playing or watching a film is worth plenty of ins and outs of the house with buggies and wellies and coats and change bags. My diary is often so jam packed seeing other people, I forget about the lovely times at home I want to bottle as a stay-at-home Mum.
  7. Fill out Little P’s baby firsts book. She’s the second child and it’s blank – what can I say?!

I’m sure there are plenty more I’ll think of, but I’d really value any thoughts from those of you who’ve been off on maternity leave and gone back to work recently. What did you wish you’d done more or less of? How can I get the best out of my last few months?




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