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I’m always curious about the way other families do things. It’s funny how we get all wrapped up in our own routine (or non-routine!), and do whatever works for us without thinking about it. The way we get through the day comes about through trial and error I think, or just gradually over time. But have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and see what a normal day in someone else’s world is like?

I thought it might be fun to let you into two schedules – mine while I’m taking a break from my TV career on maternity leave, and a friend who’s a super-talented work and child-juggling Series Producer. (Not literally of course, that would be quite dangerous.)

My average day with a 3 year old and 7 month old:

  • 05.45 (ugh, I know) – noises from Little P’s room. We can normally leave her babbling til she works herself up.
  • 06.15 – nappy change, then she comes into our bed and bashes toys about/coshes us on the head while I go and get her milk. One of us has a shower.
  • 06.45 – big bro joins us and has a story in bed.
  • 07:00 – if it’s a pre-school day, I get M washed and ready straight away, little P in some clothes and we’re down for breakfast by 7.30am. I’m normally still in my dressing gown at this stage and wondering how to make the next part work with the two of them.
  • 07.30 – 08.15 – All have breakfast, prepare packed lunch, I dive in the shower if I haven’t got that far and little P goes down for a quick nap before pre-school run or I push it and she yells and ‘plays’ in her cot getting increasingly annoyed while I get ready.
  • 08.30 – leave for pre-school. Gossip at the gates, back normally just after 9. If it’s not pre-school, everything pushes back by an hour and we may all be in dressing gowns still by 10 – it’s all or nothing actually! Up and out by 9 or still struggling to get out the door by 11.
  • 09.15 – 14.45 – Shopping, housework, washing, seeing friends, feeding little P either milk or food (relentless at the mo!), blogging when I get a spare 15 mins here and there.
  • 15.00 – Take M to a playdate, library, or have friends over.
  • 16.30 – start cooking dinner for both.
  • 17.00 – 17.30 – dinner and clear-up (normally watching Pointless with the chap who M calls ‘the funny man’).
  • 18.15 – Mr MM gets home and gets to play with the little people for about 45 mins while I tidy up/make tea/fold washing.
  • 19.00 – bedtime. I normally bath both then we divide and conquer, unless one of us is out. In that case, we have milk and story together in M’s room then I take Little P to bed and pop back to tuck in the big one and say goodnight.
  • 19.30 – normally clear of children and thinking about our food!
  • 20.00-21.00 – eat, clear up and catch up with husband.
  • 21.00-22.30 – watch whatever series we’re into at the moment (currently ‘The Missing’ – finishes tonight eeeek!)
  • 22.45 – pretend to read a book, but actually just play on social media and fall asleep.

Lucy, Series Producer, Mum to Jemima who is 3.

I’m a working Mum, I work a four day week  in an attempt to have some balance – below is my routine for a typical working day. Fridays – Sunday are much less disciplined and more fun. 

  • 07.00 – Alarm goes off. I battle with whether to wash my hair or not. If I’m washing it I need to move quickly. If not can stay in bed for a whole extra ten minutes. Same thing with ironing any clothes. 
  • 07:05 – Husband brings me up a cup of tea
  • 07.10 – My three-year-old wakes up and staggers in to our room. 
  • 07:15 – We attempt to get Jemima dressed in to her uniform. Who does this is a negotiation between me and my husband depending on her desires, which way the wind is blowing and who is already dressed. To encourage her to get dressed we have a Winners Cup (it was a christening gift from Grandpa ), which Jemima gets if she gets dressed quickly. 
  • 07.20 – The Winners Cup presentation for Jemima..and the winner of ‘The Getting Dressed Award…’ goes to Jemima! It’s the same every day. I kid you not. 
  • 07.30 Jemima goes downstairs with my husband for breakfast – she is normally flown downstairs, has a piggy-back or jumps down steps counting them. nothing is quick! 
  • 07.35 – At last, I have upstairs to myself. Shower, get dressed, do hair and grab bag and phone.
  • 08.00 – Leave house. Make sure we have Jemima’s hat, bookbag, school book, and water bottle. Husband drives us to drop Jemima at Kindergarten then drops me at the train station. Do makeup in car. 
  • 08;38 Train into London – catch up on work and social emails and texts , read news/newspaper. Have a strong cup of tea. 
  • 0920 to 1800 – At desk….work. I make TV which involves meetings, more meetings, filming, more meetings, viewing, and the edit. Oh and more meetings. Occasionally some reading, writing. Eat lunch quickly, mostly at my desk so I can guarantee leaving work dead on 1800. 
  • 18:36 – Train from Waterloo to home – deal with work emails and calls outstanding from the day. Read book/paper. 
  • 19:10 Get home, drop bag at door, take coat off and hug Jemima. Do bed time – brush teeth, read story and chat about the day. Kisses, cuddles and goodnight. 
  • 19.30 – Eat dinner, drink wine! Normally deal at least once with Jemima who has an urgent need – last night Peppa’s shoes fell off. The night before she needed water. 
  • 20.30-23.00 – Catch up with the husband, check if Jemima needs anything for Kindergarten, watch telly, household chores, chat on the phone to family and friends, very occasionally go the gym (I say occasionally), or catch up on work emails.  Unless I’m out with friends which is normally once a week…
  • 23.15 – Bed

How does your average day compare? Have you got any rituals (like Lucy’s brilliant ‘Winner’s Cup’ or tips that help you get out of the house or speed things up? It would be fab to hear how you run your ship!

Kimberly x

Two Tiny Hands
My Petit Canard


  1. Sunita

    Wow great service Lucy – cuppa in bed???!!! So cool to see both of your routines. Gossip at the pre school gates sounds hilarious Kimberly. Oh well guess that’s what we have to come when lil M and Big Munch are at school! (If we have time for it that is) xx

    • kimberly

      It’s the best bit! Impossible to get anywhere ok on time after haha x

  2. Mrs Mummy Harris

    You make my life seem crazy simple!
    Other than several nappy changes, Ben is pretty easy to handle. His bedtime does run like clockwork though and that’s on his own accord – between 6-8pm he starts getting sleepy and we put him to bed until 8.30-9.30am! Yay!

    • kimberly

      Amazing / you are so lucky with the sleep! It’s all relative, I’m sure you have your own tricky /busy patches! X

      • Mrs Mummy Harris

        I feel like I’m missing out on the parenting malarkey – doesn’t help I was given extended maternity leave when I didn’t want it! I want to be at work at have conversations about tele that isn’t paw patrol hahah! I’m jealous of your daily regime! Xx

  3. tammymum

    Busy days and long days! Goodness it’s only when you write down everything you do realise just what you do and how much of it. Oh to be a mum – what did we do with our time before eh? Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

  4. twotinyhands

    Gosh I’m impressed when I’m out the door at 9. I can’t quite imagine having to get a little person to preschool for this! No rituals yet. My son brings me his shoes when he wants to go out, then gets mine! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  5. Chilli Regina

    It really is a bussy schedule of a mum. Who needs a job on top of everything?;)) Well done Lucy, mom of Jemima;) #MarvMondays

  6. My Petit Canard

    I love this post! I am definitely one of those mums that always wonders what other mums routines are like so this was fab to read. Our routine is very similar to yours actually and our two little ones are really similar ages so it was quite nice to see, whilst Lucy’s routine reminded me what life was like when I was at work last year. So hectic! Not looking forward to having to juggle work and two little ones next year, eep! Thanks for linking this up to #MarvMondays too 🙂 Emily


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