A Craft-ernoon… Help!

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I’m crap at art. But being off on maternity leave I feel I should be trying a bit harder. My Hobbycraft-bought craft kits have been gathering dust since Little P was born, now over 4 months ago.

So after feeling particularly guilty about watching the X Factor on catch up with M (we’d already been to the park and I was doing jobs in the kitchen too I feel compelled to tell you), this afternoon I took a deep breath and cracked them out. We made a Pom Pom Flamingo (some success), a ‘dinosaur’ (“it looks like a caterpillar Mummy!”) and an attempt at some fish for an underwater scene (as the packaging sold it). M had long since lost interest and was dangerously snipping pipe cleaners into tiny sharp metal pieces just perfect for causing serious foot injury.

We started in earnest chatting excitedly about which Pom Pom is the 5cm one, where it goes, and which goggly eye to pick. I felt like SuperMum, making something creative and cool to show Daddy when he gets home and to feel good about making with my son. I was also feeling pretty smug that I hadn’t resorted to Paw Patrol on a rainy afternoon.

But… within ten minutes, I’m arting it up solo with M looking bored and whingeing about the tiniest patch of glue on his arm. Pom Poms and dinosaur feet on the floor, nothing sticking together, fingers so gluey I can’t even scratch my nose, tea going cold… I don’t think I’ve ever actually wanted Little P to wake up from her nap before but I’m willing the monitor to flash. Dammit why’s she choosing to sleep so long now for once?! Save me, crying baby!

Thankfully there was a turning point. And no I didn’t suddenly turn into Mister bloody Maker. I picked up our supposedly finished Stegosaurus…. Looked at M. And laughed. And he laughed. It was one weird looking, falling apart, bright green piece of crap. But it was hilarious. And after that point, I stopped worrying about getting it right. Or the mess. And we started making whatever we wanted and ignoring the instructions. M made a ‘binky bonk’ and I made a ‘rubbishosaurus’.

And just as we started enjoying ourselves… of course. The baby woke up.


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  1. bridiebythesea

    Ah this is so cute! I am not crafty either and sort of dreading when my daughter gets to the age when crafty things might be requested….she’s started nursery now so I fear that time will come sooner than I think. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

  2. aliduke79hotmailcom

    Now my daughter is older I can just watch her doing the craft stuff as I drink my tea lol. It has never been my thing.

  3. The Queen of Collage

    Oh yes babies have their own agendas for sure. Little rascals. #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. alifeinpracticeblog.com

    Aw this is sweet! I find it hard to enjoy craft if we have specific designs to follow, I’m frustrated if it doesn’t look right ,so I also enjoy it more if we just make randomness! x #fortheloveofBLOG

  5. thebritishmaple

    Haha…the amount of solo crafting I have done is unreal! It’s a tick in the ‘good mum’ box though so well done you! #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. The Pramshed

    I’m rubbish at these sort of things too, and began to wonder where I would get our craft stuff from when my daughter starts to interested in making things. You’ve reminded me about Hobbycraft. Don’t worry about the mess. Love the Binky Bonk. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  7. Jane Taylor

    It’s my first time here! Loved this post, it really made me chuckle. Love the last picture of your little lad looking so proud of himself! Plus, I’m assuming that’s a flamingo so I’m going to love it because my blog is ‘Maflingo’, so named because my eldest couldn’t say flamingo when she was little. #Fortheloveofblog

    • kimberly

      Awesome! I did wonder why your blog was so-called. That’s so funny. Thanks for reading and flamingos (or maflingos) rock! X

  8. Rachel Peachey

    Oh yes…whenever I craft with my little one, his little sister wakes up and the tornado arrives! But it’s fun while it lasts! Looks like freestyling worked for you! #fortheloveofblog



  1. The best toddler group you've never been to. - Media Mummy - […] exactly play together with randoms), and do some painting or sticking if they fancied. I’m not a craft-friendly zone…

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