Why making TV is exactly like having a baby.

Sat 17 Dec 16 | Just for Fun | 15 comments

It’s dawned on me recently that my 15 year career in TV production has set me up perfectly for having babies. Here’s why…

Turns out that producing, directing and editing a series is an exact mirror of the three trimesters of pregnancy.


Trying out a fake pregnancy belly before a baby series shoot. Pre-kids, would you believe. The irony!

In the first trimester, you feel nauseous at the overwhelming amount of work and the near impossible feat of finding contributors or stories for your programme. You often have nothing to show for it. It’s sort of exciting but generally just daunting, with the odd moment of intense panic or rushing to the loo for a cry.

The second trimester sees you get into your stride, feeling better just to start filming – you’ve got going and it’s finally happening! You take anything that’s thrown at you – 16 hour days, tears, tantrums, contributor drop-outs, production crew dramas, logistical issues… but your baby is showing, there’s no going back and the due/tx date is looming. Let’s do this!

The third trimester sees your previous optimism crumble as you juggle unexpected twists and turns in filming and the edit kicks off at the same time. The project is now massive, it’s kicking you in the ribs and you’re having sleepless nights. It’s all you can think about and to be honest, you’re totally over it and just want it OUT…

Then it’s the birth itself. Well. Training for labour is in the form of that last minute sprint to get the programme to air – sometimes even a genuine race against the clock to transmission. Up all night in the edit, the contractions are now two minutes apart, there’s a LOT of swearing, you’ve not taken enough pain relief, apparently there’s now no time and you just have to deal with what you’ve got and PUSH!

The baby is born. Wow! Tears all round and you forget all about every hardship that came before. Like Dory with her memory issues. You view the whole thing with rose-tinted glasses and a sense of pride… and before long you start thinking about the next baby/project. Like a complete nutter. (Ring ring, ring ring. “Oh hi talent manager, yes I’m available again now – what’s that? A 16 week project filming in Azerbaijan with difficult contributors, no budget, away from my family? Uh-huh, ok. Short edit, right up against TX? Hmm. Sure, sounds amazing. I’m in!”)

Fools, all of us.

But then, we never agree to things we regret as parents either… do we?!

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  1. Jules

    Thanks, this made me chuckle! I have no idea about media so it also gave me a good insight into that side of things, too. It sounds like an exciting career to be in! #marvmondays

  2. justsayingmum

    Ha ha this is brilliant! Oh the rose-tinted glasses and the choosing to do it all over again – brilliant! But we do don’t we – three times over here! Love the picture – very different to the real bump?? fab read lovely #MarvMondays

  3. stressymama

    Haha love the comparisons. Brilliant! Actually laughed out loud while reading. X

    • kimberly

      Thanks so much Sam! Honestly, we must be bonkers x

  4. theCuriousPixie

    Brilliant analogy! We’re double nutters – parents & tv folk! Who’d do that?!

  5. Mrs Mummy Harris

    Love it!!! The comparison between the two are crazy similar! Love the top picture of you! you look a tad fed up hahaha. #marvmondays

  6. My Petit Canard

    I loved reading this! Who would have thought there were so many parrallels between pregnancy and making tv 😉 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  7. Mrinalini

    Brilliant Kimbers! Bet your TV making skills have come in handy for being a mama to two little ones. I know you’re super-talented anyway. Most importantly I know you make a mean cup of tea – life long skills for any trimester and post-birth/post-production!!! x Sunita #fortheloveofBLOG

  8. Becki

    Ha! That’s brilliant. I worked as a photographer on a tv show years back now, and it was stressful as hell, but I look back at it now with rose tinted glasses, and wondered about getting into media production now that I’ve had a career break. Had a traumatic birth with my son and now we’re thinking of planning another… we’re all suckers for punishment it seems! #fortheloveofBLOG

    • kimberly

      Classic Becki! It’s amazing and awful all at the same time ?

  9. suziew (@suziewauthor)

    This made me laugh. Having a limited experience in film-making I totally agree with your comparisons.

  10. Annette

    Haha! This is so clever and I can actually see exactly what you mean now. Loving that shot of you pre baby. It looks like making TV shows is a blast. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam 🙂

  11. A Mum Track Mind

    I did my first video for my day job this week so this really made me laugh! It took about 2 weeks and 1 full day of filming to produce a 4 minute film!! Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofblog



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