8 things I can do one-handed now I’m a Mum.

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Since having children, I’ve realised how much can be achieved with just one hand. Well, arm as well, seeing as that’s the bit it’s attached to. And not only that, but whilst holding a pretty wriggly and weighty (most likely on-the-cusp-of-meltdown) whole person on the opposite side.


Look – I can even take a half decent photo hanging onto a baby!

If you’d asked me to do any of the following pre-kids, I would’ve scoffed and said IMPOSSIBLE! But now I’m owner of two small humans, there is so much more to be proud of than just sports days, learning to ride a bike and those first steps don’tcha know…

My one-handed skillz, by Media Mummy:

  1. Making a cup of tea. Essential for sanity, friendships and liquid refreshment. But how do you squeeze the tea bag and get it out with just the one hand? No problem. It’s all in the pincer grip of the spoon, tea bag and side of the cup. Baby on hip must be twisted well out of the way too out of grabbable reach so it’s a tricky manoevre.
  2. Buttering toast. A similar problem to squeezing the tea bag, there’s no chance of getting traction with the other hand. For me, this is all in the placement of the plate against your hip at the edge of the work surface. High likelihood of butter and/or crumbs on your top, but let’s face it, someone else’s breakfast is probably already on there – or it’s just your PJs so who cares!
  3. Cooking an entire toddler tea. I’m thinking there’s a kitchen theme building here – clearly there’s always issues around mealtime… I’m not going to lie, I was pretty proud of this one at the time. Little P had refused to nap all day, hence 5pm overtired meltdown, so a brown food evening for M it was. Fishfingers, waffles, token veg-gesture of peas cooked with her on my hip wailing only slightly less than if she were on the floor trying to climb my leg. Down and up for the oven, in and out of cupboards for plates, peas in the microwave go!
  4. Post-exercise stretches. After a good 35 mins in the car seat staring at some crazy spinning Mums at the gym, the baby has often had enough and needs a cuddle, so some nice hamstring srtetches with added weight aren’t a bad thing. As long as you can balance, that is.
  5. Washing-up. So this one isn’t achieved to the highest standard I admit, but I can still rinse out some bibs and even get the brush into a few bowls with a little monkey lopping my side. Normally on a F*CK THERE ARE ZERO VESSELS WHY DIDN’T THE DISHWASHER GO ON! kinda morning.
  6. Applying make-up. Now I’ve got this down to a fine art. I’ve also timed it and I can draw on my face in one minute and 15 seconds. Clearly I am not walking out the door looking like a supermodel, but still. With Little P just crawling and our reticence to get the stairgates out again, I’m shutting doors and holding her all the blimin’ time, and in the morning, she just wants to go go go. So in order to flick a little mascara on on the busiest of mornings, she’s literally my sidekick.
  7. Packing shopping bags. She’s generally lovely in the trolley at the supermarket (counting my blessings right nows, everything’s a phase and all that), but on the biggest of big shops, even I’m cranky 45 minutes in. So as she’s screaming and arching her back while I’m trying to pack, it’s easier for everyone’s ears to scoop her up and do the one-handed thing by the time I’m at the checkout. And let’s face it, the system is out the window after the first few well-packed-for-each-zone-of-the-kitchen bags and now the bleach is going in with the bananas anyway.
  8. Getting the buggy out. Always a tricky one for logistics, this. Crawling baby and three year old are in the house. Buggy is in the boot of the car on the road. No play-pen and cot is upstairs. We’re late. Hmm. It’s not ideal, but I’ve opened the boot and dragged the big buggy out of the hatchback, and managed to set it up with a few shakes with Little P wriggling on my side before now. Quite satisfying, although feels like I might slip a disc one day soon. (And don’t tell the husband, he’d kill me if he knew).

So how many can you tick off? Any more important one-handed life skills you can brag about below? Just off to google local sports physios to even me out…

My Petit Canard

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  1. My Petit Canard

    Love this post! Actually had to chuckle to myself as I literallyy relived a few of these as I read them 😉 One handed tea making, check. Buttering toast, check. Cooking dinner, check! Its a pass on the others though, so impressed with your list! Fab post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  2. Patty

    I can do so many things with the “wrong hand” too! Thanks so much for this! Sharing this with my page Facebook.com/iamzoewatson! Found you on #marvmondays!

  3. Suzanne Eaton

    I still pretty much do most things one handed even though my children have left home #TriumphantTales

  4. Jakijellz

    Ah yes! I remember this well! For some reason I never got on with the baby sling and so I too mastered the art of doing most things one handed. We’re just pretty damn clever aren’t we?! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales. Hope to see you again next week. X

  5. Mrs Mummy Harris

    I am very impressed! I definately cannot do my makeup, but tea making, lunch and some other bits and bobs are done. I actually get frustrated at hubby when he says he cant.. maybe its just a mummy skill haha! Thank you for linking up to the first #TriumphantTales

  6. amindfulgeek

    This is such a cute post. I miss having a baby on my hip. Mine is 9 years old and I probably wont be having another for 2 more years. But god did this post remind me of those days. So sweet. So tiring lol. #TriumphantTales

  7. stressymama

    Wow. What an impressive list. I think as parents we kind of have to perfect using one hand if we ever want to get anything done don’t we. Ha. I can just about manage to put my makeup on – though it looks like Molly has done it for me!x


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