10 reasons why Mums make the BEST employees of all.

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Dear Mr/Mrs Employer,

You may tut and roll your eyes when Sally from marketing has to rush home to rescue a feverish baby from nursery – again. You’re probably worried that 38 week-pregnant ‘Efficient Emily’ will come back brain dead from maternity leave in a year’s time. You’ll smile patronisingly and grit your teeth when your PA recounts every detail of little Theo’s stand-out performance as Chick Number Three in the school Easter show.

But just step back a sec and listen good. Here’s 10 reasons why, in actual fact, Mums make the best employees of all:

  1. Prioritising. On maternity leave, we became masters of the real priorities. Quick! The baby is asleep, we definitely have 20 minutes, potentially 45. Dishwasher, make tea, order birthday presents, ring the doctors, write that email, bish bash bosh. Do it quickly and do it efficiently. Everything else is a bonus…
  2. People skills. While we’ve been ‘off work’, we’ve put a lot of time and effort honing our people skills – befriending the most normal Mums and sussing out the crazies in various different Mum groups. It also takes guts to go along to these enforced fun / rent-a-friend sessions in the first place. Our interpersonal skills are tip top right now.
  3. Multi-tasking. Have you ever tried haggling with the Vodafone telesales guy, making two different meals for tea and stopping a toddler from scaling the bookcase with a baby on your hip? Multitasking LEGENDS.
  4. Tea making skills. Everyone in the office loves a good cuppa, and since the baby exited the womb, we are now the authority on Britain’s best brew. (Here’s my guide.)
  5. Mentoring. Mums have seen it all, heard it all, are not shocked by anything. And pretty switched on to emotions too. We make fantastic mentors, either officially or as the understanding and compassionate Mother Hen to a team.
  6. Focus. In order to leave bang on 5pm to achieve nursery pickup with no late payments/kids being turfed onto the street, we are machines during the day! Pow – have that, Accounts. Pow pow – smoke off the keyboard – inbox zero. Pow pow pow – aced that presentation prep for tomorrow.
  7. Drive. If we’d have wanted to stay home with the children, we probably would have. So, clearly we are ambitious, and we’ve got to make every second away from them count, otherwise it’s a waste being apart from the beautiful little scoundrels.
  8. Authority. Where at home it may fall on deaf ears (and yep it is demoralising shouting at a 3 year old to get his shoes on 17 times), at work, our new assertive tone of voice works wonders in meetings. Especially as there’s no time to beat around the bush with that train to catch.
  9. Sick leave. you’ll find that we’re no longer off sick. Our immune system is now hard as nails. Our babies may get ill occasionally, and yep that’s annoying for everyone (believe us), but we’ll often battle on from home where possible. You can’t say that for a hungover 20 something after the Christmas party, can you
  10. Creative thinking. We’ve all been caught out in public with a screaming, planking toddler, or an awkward question about where babies come from posed by your 5 year old in front of Auntie Jean. We have to think on our feet, shake off the cringe and deal with it in a creative manner – much like when your superiors chuck you a curve ball in an important meeting or there’s a disaster on the shop floor.

You wanna argue with any of that? ‘Cos the eleventh reason involves the naughty step…

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  1. Linda Allen

    Well put x

  2. The Pramshed

    Completely agree lovely, although I definitely got the eye rolling when I had to dash out the door at 5 x



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