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Co-sleeping with the enemy?

I've always been anti co-sleeping. Not actually from a safety point of view, more from a 'this is my dance space, this is your dance space, no one puts Baby in the same bed as us' point of view. It's just not something I ever wanted to get into. For lots of reasons -...
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Seven Things I HATE About Halloween

Happy Halloween, apparently. Ugh. Bah humbug it may sound, but I just don't get it. I hate Halloween and everything about it. And here's why: Identity Crisis. What even is it? Halloween doesn’t even know what it is. In America it’s dress up as anything you like,...
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When’s the last time you did something just for fun?

When was the last time you did something just for fun? “Higher, higher, higher!” You know where I am. “Higher Mummy, swing higher!” But who’s on the swing? “Wow Mummy, you’re going to touch the sky!” Oh yes. It was me. I was in the park with just the big one for a...
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Crisis in the café: should I have let him go?

I had a total crisis of parenting confidence this week. I hadn't felt it for a long while now my oldest is 4 and a half, but at this particular moment in motherhood I felt a pure and stomach lurching responsibility for my little person in a massive world. We were in a...

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Nana’s Manners: cutlery for stubborn little people.

Stab, shovel, chew. Stab, shovel, chew. Cheeky grab with a finger and munch. Wipe (on jeans probably). Repeat. That was mealtime with my four year old pre Nana's Manners cutlery. I'm sure it's the same for most of the mini teatime brigade across the globe to be fair....

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Old Stocks Inn: Tweetingly scrumptious

I am not a restaurant reviewer. But given the chance to be fed and watered by Old Stocks Inn - a boutique hotel and restaurant I'd been drooling at on Twitter - I couldn't really say no, could I? The Old Stocks Inn is in the beautiful market town of Stow-on-the-Wold -...

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Who is Media Mummy?

I’m Kimberly, a London/Surrey based juggler of many balls including a TV career, motherhood & this blog malarky. Quite a lot of people follow me apparently, although about 65 million others in the UK don’t. But hey – sometimes the cool crowd is small…


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