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Review: Silver Cross Pop Star Stroller. Bye bye big buggy…

Remember when you first went shopping for a buggy? Not a stroller, no no no. THE buggy for your as yet unborn little person. It's a big deal. No doubt your Mum wanted to get involved. Your other half definitely did, walking around them, sizing them up, kicking the...
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Commuters: what’s the story behind the scowls?

How was your morning? I'm on the train - back to work after maternity leave - exhausted already and it's only 8.13am. I'm surrounded by silent, grumpy looking commuters. So I'm people watching... Man in glasses not cool enough for his Superdry jacket is reading Auto...
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The Real Sunday Roast is a b*tch.

Growing up, Sundays were all about roasts in our house. Everything we did that day revolved around what time the Lamb needed to go in. My Mum's roasties were (and still are) the best. As we got older, my brother and I *might* help peel the veg, or make the gravy, or...
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A short rant about: Pies

Dear pie-makers of Britain. What has become of you?  Cue nostalgic music and fuzzy black and white olden days footage from days of 'yore. Whatever they are. Once upon a pie, I would marvel at my dinner standing upright on its plate all on its own, and savour the...

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Settling in, moving on.

Here I am with a nice hot coffee, in a comfy chair in an average coffee shop. Happy days... But my buggy is missing. Well, more to the point, the baby isn't with me. I say baby, but she's nearly one. Does that still count? And all of a sudden, she's at her first...

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Go Go… Go Go… Grown-Up Jetters!

This morning I tweeted the fact that I sang the CBeebies Go Jetters theme tune for the entire length of my shower, without realising until afterwards. That is, all 3 minutes and 45 seconds of my shower - I have two small people after all. I mean, I do have a lot...

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Have you got multiple screen-itis?

Question: how many screens are you looking at right now? If you're reading this at home on your phone, I bet you've got the TV on in the background. If you're on your laptop, I'm sure you're also mid WhatsApp with a friend. If you're out, I bet you're walking along...

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A short (and awkward) note to Ed Sheeran’s Mum.

Dear Mrs Sheeran, Happy Mother's Day! Clearly you're not my Mum as you don't even know me. But I have something pretty important I need to talk to you about. You know, Mum to Mum. About your Ed. The first thing I must say is that I think your son is incredibly...

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Baby Gospel: The coolest music class in town?

I'm at that lovely and tricky stage with Little P at nearly 11 months old where she seems to need entertainment, rather than it being an optional extra in our day. Not that she's requesting trips to the Science Museum or anything, but if we stay at home all day she...

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Who is Media Mummy?

I'm Kimberly, a London/Surrey based juggler of many balls including a TV career, motherhood & this here blog. I seem to write about everything from stain remover to Ed Sheeran’s drinking habits and I have got very good at tuning out Paw Patrol or smelly armpits on the commute to do it.


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