How to go from zero to cycling superhero – aged 3.

Mon 13 Feb 17 | Reviews | 8 comments

“NOOO!!! I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT ON IT! I WANT MY OLD BIKE!”, three year old M has yelled at the first mention of going cycling since Christmas.

Father Christmas says you’re welcome for your sparkly new ‘big boy bike’ with pedals then, M. Sigh.

But now, ta-dahhh!


It’s definitely been one of *those* parenting milestones where the normally pragmatic and non emotional me got a bit choked up and blinky eyed as he zoomed up a cul-de-sac actually pedalling an actual bike. With no stabilisers, actually.


He’ll be off on his bike visiting his pals / heading off to the park / popping to the shop before I know it. Well, not any time that soon, or I imagine the neighbours will be giving social services a bell.

The process of learning to pedal has been a tricky one, so we’ve been giving this little invention a whirl.


We were one of the new-ish wave of balance bike fans. The husband is a keen cyclist – I daren’t say MAMIL as I don’t think he’d accept the middle aged bit, but there is certainly a lot of Lycra in our house – so we bought our mini Wiggins a balance bike when he was about two and a half.


All lovely and good, and M became really confident on it. The problem we hit was introducing those quite important things that make his ‘big boy bike’ Christmas present actually go. Yep. The pedals.

Turns out he didn’t even know what they were! He’d avoided them at nursery, at friends’ houses, favouring the ride-on toys that he just pushed himself along on, like his bike. And being balance bike snobs, we really didn’t want to go backwards and introduce stabilisers while he got the hang of the whole pedalling thing.

So he said a lot of “I can’t do it!” and “I want my balance bike!” and lost his confidence fast.

Enter the Biky Biky harness.

It has a nifty little handle at the back, which means you can walk or jog alongside him holding on easily. He feels secure, you have a grabbable thing for grabbing if he starts wobbling, and it’s far better than throttling him with his hood.

It’s weight tested up to eight stone so you can even hang onto him and let the bike fall at the early signs of a wipeout.


Fun for all the family.

He is now loving it. He reckons he’s going at 146mph in this clip. He and Daddy are talking about going out on bikes together in the park and everything.

Now I’m over the whole gushy pride thing though, the reality has hit home… can I really deal with any more Lycra or chat about n + 1* in this house?!

Maybe the whole encouraging him to pedal thing wasn’t such a good idea after all.

The team at Biky Biky has kindly offered Media Mummy readers a 20% discount on the harness (which comes in purple, blue, green & pink) – use code MM#20 at the checkout. We were sent a free harness to try out in exchange for an honest review. They’re normally £24.95.

*See rule 12 of the stoopid Velominati cycling rules: you always need to own one more bike than you already do. Shoe lovers can apply the same formula I imagine (my n+1 would involve spa treatments).

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  1. suzanna

    Well done to your little one. We’ve had the same stage with my grandson – balance bike whizz – big bike for Christmas – can’t do it – now, almost there. I’d never seen the Biky harness. It’s waaay cooler than using his old reins lol.

    • kimberly

      Whatever works though! Thanks for reading and well done your grandson. Such an amazing thing isn’t it? x

  2. suzanna

    It is definitely a proud gushy moment.
    Also, I forgot to say earlier that you son is right about the 146 mph speed in the clip. Well done to dad for keeping up 😉

  3. pamsbakeandbabyblog

    This is a much better aolution that grabbing his hoodie! #fortheloveofblog

  4. Mrs Lighty

    Ow wow that’s amazing that he can cycle properly age 3, with no stabilisers!! The harness is a great invention, mind if I pin this for when the time comes to teach Baby Lighty? #fortheloveofBLOG

    • kimberly

      Do it! It’s fab x

  5. oddhogg

    Thats pretty cool! We were definitely throttled with the hood growing up haha Thanks for joining #fortheloveofBLOG


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